Service Delivery Charter

The following services are offered at a Regional and Provincial Offices

  1. Free Basic Services
  2. Consumer Education 
  3. Provision of Housing   
  4. Infrastructure development 
  5. Rental Housing   
  6. Municipal Support
  7. Integrated Development Planning
  8. Title Deeds
  9. support traditional leadership and institutions.

Customer Service Standards

You will always be treated with courtesy and can expect the following standards of customer service when interacting with us. We welcome your comments on the quality of the service we provide, and on our performance as compared to these Customer Service Standards. Send your comments to: Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs, Private Bag X 5005, Kimberley 8300.

Access by Walk-in Customers

All visitors to the Department at both provincial and regional offices will be met with an informed and courteous staff and can expect response to their requests as follows: information readily available will be provided within 30 minutes; if the information is not available, the customer will be informed of the status of their request and when to expect the information.  The office hours are from 7H30 and 16H00, Monday to Friday.  Offices are not opened on public holidays and weekends.

Telephonic Inquiries

General Inquiries will be referred to the Head of Department: Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs immediately. The voice telephone number is: 053 8309444. The Head of department will respond to such inquiries within two business days. If unable to fully respond within two days, provide an estimate of time based on the complexity of the inquiry.

Internet Access

The Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs web site will have a clear and consistent user interface that provides straightforward, timely access to information.  The website is
E-Mail: General and Status Inquiries

General e-mail should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Enquiries will be acknowledged within 2 working days, stating the person directly responsible or the matter at hand with his/her contact details.

The provision of the above services is based on the 8 Principles of "BATHO PELE" and we undertake to:

  • Consult the public about the services that we are providing.
  • Tell the public of the standards at which our services are offered.
  •  Ensure that public have equal access to our services.
  • Treat all our customers courteously.
  •  Give accurate and full information about services that we are providing.
  •  Be as transparent and as open as possible to the public in all that we do.
  •  Ensure that we rectify any areas where we perform below service standards and an appropriate apology be made public.
  •  Ensure that our services are delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We will strive to offer all these services at the highest standard possible. If you have a query or complaint, please write to us  or contact us at the addresses mentioned above, and we will ensure that your complaint is dealt with and responded to within 10 working days from receipt of complaint. If there is an omission on our side, we will put in place corrective measures immediately.

If you as a member of the public have any input to our Service Charter, please contact the Department at the nearest office and/or our Community Development Workers in your ward.




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