Strategic Initiatives

Purpose : 
To facilitate the development and growth of the Mining sector to promote job creation.


Functions : 

1. Facilitate and support the development of skills in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector.
2. Facilitate, promote and support capacity enhancement oppertunities.
3. Facilitate, promote and support innovation.
4.Facilitate and co-ordinate feasibility, viability and impact studies.
5. Facilitate, promote and support the conceptualization and implementation of high impact projects.



Sector Development

Purpose : 
To strategically position sectors as key contributors to economic growth and development. 

Functions :

  1. Develop and facilitate the implementation of the direct mandate sector and sub-sector strategies.
  2. Leverage funding for  sector development initiatives.    
  3. Facilitate the implementation of interventions to promote the development of  sectors.
  4. Align and integrate development strategies and plans with other strategies.  
  5. Liase with stakeholders and promote communication.      
  6. Leverage funding for oversight sector development initiatives.


Special Programmes

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Special Programmes:  

The Directorate coordinates, monitor and evaluate service delivery on special programmes as well as introduce interventions on emerging service delivery challenges.

The central purpose of Special Programmes is to Mainstream, Coordinate, Monitor and evaluate programmes in terms of Women, Children, and People with Disabilities to address inequalities and restore the moral fibre of society.
  • Office on the Rights of the Child
  • Office on the Status of Persons with Disabilities
  • Office on the Status of Women
  • Moral Regeneration Movement


  • Policy analysis assists in identifying gaps in policy and implementation around impact of gender, disability and child’ rights related legislation;
  • Mainstreaming is a central function of the special programmes with the objective of ensuring that government complies with its gender, disability and children’ rights commitments and those in the Charter of Positive Values;
  • Co-ordination of all programmes through regular meetings and focal points provincially;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation generates reports which provide progress made against benchmarks;
  • Institutional support and Capacity building is aimed at strengthening government’ systems, processes and structures to ensure delivery sensitive to the target groups;
  • Advocacy in terms of conducting public awareness and education for the promotion of mainstreaming gender, disability, children’ rights and moral fibre related issues in government programmes (policies, plans and strategies) with extensive campaigns associated with celebratory/commemorative days
  • Liaison and networking actively by attending local, regional, and national seminars/workshops.

Trade and Investment Promotion

To facilitate trade, export promotion and attract investment to the Province. 


1. Create an enabling environment for increasing foreign direct investment flows.
2. Increase foreign direct investments into the province.
3. Promote and increase trade and exports.
4. Provide information on trade leads and export oppertunities.
5. Maximise benefits from international trade agreements and twinning agreements.
6. Market the province as an attractive investment destination.
7. Participate in trade and investment IGR. 







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