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Maloof Money Cup 50 Day Countdown

Address by the Premier of the Northern Cape, Mrs Hazel Jenkins, on the occasion of the 50 Day Countdown to the Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championship held on 11 August 2011

Mr Joe Maloof: Founder of the Maloof Money Cup

Mr John Block: MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism

Mr Norman Shushu: MEC for Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform

Mr Kenny Mmoiemang: MEC for Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs

Ms Grizelda Cjiekella: MEC for Education

Mr Mxolisi Sokatsha: MEC for Health

Mr Dawid Rooi: MEC for Roads and Public Works

Mr Alvin Botes: MEC for Social Development

Ms Pauline Williams: MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture

Mr Patrick Mabilo: MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison

Ms Kgadi Moloi: Executive Mayor of the Frances Baard District Municipality

Ms Agnes Ntlangula: Mayor of Sol Plaatje Local Municipality

Mayors and Municipal Councillors

Goodwill Ambassadors present and they are:

Thebe Ikalafeng
Zanele Batyashe
Caroline Jacobs
Loots Bosman
Jimmy Tau
Thami Mngqolo
Sipho Ngwenya
Sophie Ndaba
Connie Ferguson
Desmond Dube
Richard Henyekane
Gail Nkoane
Sidney Thekiso aka ProVerb
Shaleen Surtie-Richards
Dr Victor Khojane

Members of the local and global skateboarding fraternity

Members of the media fraternity

Esteemed Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to each and every one of you to the capital of the Northern Cape, namely Kimberley, the city of firsts. I am certain that all the people, especially those from the Northern Cape, who have converged on this venue, will agree with me when I make the claim that 11 August 2011 marks one of the most important and exciting days in the social and sporting calendar of Kimberley and the people of the Northern Cape Province at large.

Therefore in my capacity as Premier and as a member of the Governing Collective of the Northern Cape Province, I am indeed both elated and honoured to officially announce and launch the 50 Day Countdown to the Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championship which will be held in our provincial capital of Kimberley from 30 September to 02 October 2011.

Without sounding overly pedantic, and by way of a quick calculation just before this address, I can reliably inform you that we have 1200 hours left prior to the commencement of the 2011 edition of the Maloof Money Cup.

This occasion is also nostalgic in that 16 months ago Kimberley hosted the 50 Day Countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. However, unlike the World Cup where we merely hosted the Uruguayan National Football Team and did not stage any matches, the Maloof Money Cup will be held on our very doorstep. It is an international event whereat countries from across the globe will be afforded both the opportunity and privilege to participate.

As a government collective, we can assure the people of the Province and all skateboarding enthusiasts, that the Northern Cape is ready and that Kimberley is ready to host this prestigious international skateboarding event!

Moreover, the Maloof Money Cup is the most prestigious and important event on the international skateboarding calendar and is certainly a sporting coup for the province in particular and our country in general.

Staging an event of the scope and magnitude of the Maloof Money Cup has positive and wide ranging benefits for the economy of the Northern Cape.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in terms of safety during the Maloof Money Cup, the Northern Cape Provincial Government guarantees you that Kimberley and its environs will be safe and secure for every person.

Intense work has already begun on the skate park and will be completed in accordance with the Maloof Money Cup’s stringent requirements well before schedule. The technical experts are presently in Kimberley with solid credentials and we can expect a skateboarding arena which lives up to international standards.

The hosting of the Maloof Money Cup has inevitably improved our Province’s competitiveness and in so doing has created a platform to facilitate job creation, provincial growth and the fostering of greater social cohesion in Northern Cape society, thus both reinforcing and realizing our values of Ubuntu in celebrating our diversity for the common good of our beloved Province.

Ladies and Gentlemen, South Africa continues to sparkle on the international arena, especially with regard to sporting events. With the hosting of the 2011 Maloof Money Cup, we will once again assume centre stage like never before.

The Maloof Money Cup will prove to be a catalyst for a wide range of economic and social development initiatives and will provide a trajectory for further development of our provincial sports facilities which will indeed leave an indelible legacy for many years to come.

The Maloof Money Cup also presents an appropriate opportunity to tell the global community about the resilience of South Africans, our innate ability to unite people of all races and the numerous daily miracles that make South Africa the vibrant nation she is.

In essence, the 2011 Maloof Money Cup offers us an unrivalled opportunity to remind the world that our province is a world class destination for investment and travel as well as a source of quality products, new ideas and endless inspiration.

We are confident that the Northern Cape will deliver a memorable Maloof Money Cup in a unique style and ultimately our province and our country will be winners in more ways than one.

To this end, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have in our midst at this event, Goodwill Ambassadors whose presence I acknowledged earlier. We are honoured to have produced personalities of their standing and calibre in the community. With this in mind, we believe that their influence and participation as Goodwill Ambassadors can add value towards the development and growth of the province. To this end, the Northern Cape Provincial Government has identified them as Goodwill Ambassadors and decided to hereby honour and acknowledge them for being luminaries from the Northern Cape. They will lend invaluable impetus to the marketing and profiling of the Maloof Money Cup in their own unique and talented way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to reiterate that our province has primed itself to take full advantage of this defining milestone and to this end, I humbly beseech each and every citizen of the Northern Cape to perceive the event as a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase our province to the world and, as such, we need to view it as a spring board to future growth, development and lasting prosperity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, above all, our focus on the youth agenda assumes particular importance for the entire Province. Our enduring legacy resides with the empowerment of our youth, of putting in place the enabling environment for them to grasp opportunities and to overcome the challenges and risks.

We concur with the view that skateboarding is a positive, healthy and affordable activity for children to participate in and we are excited to take the skateboarding competition to all our young people throughout the province and country.

As we all know, young people experience many new opportunities, passions and interests in their life. And it is important not to allow sports to be eclipsed by other interests. Clearly, physical fitness and an active lifestyle must be woven into the daily lives of young South Africans.

Young people are the most responsive group in South Africa and are always willing to support new and original projects, even ones that are quite demanding. Our approach to advancing competitive sports and promoting recreational sports must therefore be modern, effective and attention-grabbing.

We now take this opportunity to call on our youth to take up the sport of skateboarding which is an affordable and accessible activity. This sporting activity will bring long lasting benefits to our youth, including the improvement of sporting facilities.

May I again express our sincere appreciation to the Maloof Family and Organising Team for the confidence that they have expressed in our ability to host the International Skateboard Competition.

We wish to assure them that we will live up to their expectations and will not fail them. We have a reputation of hosting world class events and the recent successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup bears testimony to our expertise and world class infrastructure.

On this note I also extend our collective gratitude to our anchor sponsor, Kumba Iron Ore, for their generous contribution of R10 million; and to Standard Bank for their contribution of R1 million.

In reinforcing MEC Lucas’ warm words of welcome, and as first citizen of this vast and beautiful province, our competitors, skateboarding enthusiasts and visitors have our unconditional endorsement to call the Northern Cape their home. We can now collectively begin the countdown to the Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championship!

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