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Foreword by the Premier

This Review, as commissioned by the Provincial Government of the Northern Cape, is in itself a deliberate act of compliance to, and active promotion of the constitution's values of transparency and openness, accountability and democracy , all of which are central to the maintenance of good governance, that have since become a characteristic of this provincial government.
This Fifteen Year Review represents the presentation and record of a journey transversed over a period of oneand-a-half decades. A journey that started in 1994 to 1999, - during which period, government had to deal mainly with the challenges of:

  • Significant institutional transformation and at the same time, introduce new policies that will be in line with the expectation of a democratic constitution.
  • Eradication of the apartheid legacy and respond to the aspirations of the previously disenfranchised and the global world.

As an outcome of the above-mentioned period - By 1999 on the basis of our outlook and the then proven record of previous five years in terms of, and amongst others, confidence building, political clarity and social service delivery; the previously tentative support turned into a more solid and wide spread vote of confidence from the people of the Northern Cape hence our outright electoral victory in 1999 Ten year Review NC: (2004, 3)
It is against the above-stated background that during the 1999-2004 electoral cycle, the provincial government of the Northern Cape, through the confidence gained from the second democratic election outcomes, could act with more purpose, focus and goal directedness. This was expressed within the adoption and focus on the following strategic areas (SOPA: 1999)

  • Speeding up of delivery of basic needs and the development of human resources in both rural and urban areas
  • Building the economy of our province and job creation as one of the biggest challenges facing us as we approach the new millennium
  • Build the state as the moral arbiter of our society measure to root out corruption will be enforced without fear or favour

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