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Statement On The Establishment Of The Provincial Integrated Planning Committee

In keeping with his promise to improve the level of services to the people of the Northern Cape, the Premier, Dr Zamani Saul, this week convened a special meeting with the Sol Plaatjie Municipality in order to establish a Provincial Integrated Committee that focuses on the development of the Municipality. This is in line with the Premier’s vision, as outlined in his inaugural address, that in order to achieve a modern, growing, successful Province, the sparkle must be brought back to Kimberley. “As the capital town of our Province, Kimberley must grow and develop and be a trigger for growth for the entire Province. So, we must develop Kimberley to serve as an epicentre of a Modern, Growing and Successful Province”, said the Premier.

The Special meeting was attended by Members from the Executive Council, the Executive Mayor, Mr Patrick Mabilo, the Mayoral Committee and the Executive Management of Sol Plaatjie Municipality. Senior officials from the Planning section at Frances Baard District Municipality as well as the Director General and Senior Government officials from the Policy and Governance units in Provincial Government will also form part of the interventions proposed. The aim is to look into the development plans of the city and engage on how to set in motion further plans for the growth agenda of Kimberley. The Integrated Development Plan as well as the Growth Plan formed the basis of the discussions at the meeting.

Dr Saul made it clear that this was an initial meeting and that further engagement would take place around the socio-economic development of the Sol Plaatjie Municipality. The collective resolved that a Political Steering Committee, of which Premier will be the Chairperson, as well as Technical Working Groups, will be established so as to allow closer engagement with Sol Plaatjie Municipality. This is to ensure that the Municipality develops its Local Growth and Development Plan and Investment Marketing Strategy to be in alignment with the Provincial Growth and Development Plan and Investment marketing processes. The terms of reference for this Steering Group are being developed by the Office of the Premier and will be announced by the Premier within the next two weeks.

Mr Mabilo welcomed the initiative as a first of its kind and committed himself, the mayoral committee and the entire Municipality to work together with Provincial Government to untap the potential of Kimberley and the broader Sol Plaatjie Municipality.

The Premier is of the view that in order to make Sol Plaatjie Municipality a model for the Province, proper planning should be informed by the immediate needs and also be forward looking in nature, with a focus on the future needs. Further developments around this initiative of the Premier will be communicated to the media and the public in due course.


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