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Vodacom computers donation

Keynote address by honourable member of Parliament, Ms. P. Adams on behalf of MEC for Education Ms. G. Cjiekella at the Vodacom computer donation function at Paballelo High School, Upington
12 May 2011

Programme Director
Officials of the Department of Education
School Principal and Staff
Vodacom Representatives
Educators, Learners, Parents
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a great pleasure to be here today, to celebrate with you Vodacom’s generous donation of computers to the school.

The donation of these computers today will, I believe, strengthen and encourage you all in your resolve to excel.
This school is expected to produce many more top-class school leavers, and we hope that a large number of them will, with the help of the new computers, be motivated to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, helping to make our province, already on the map with our SALT and SKA initiatives, as well as our country, internationally competitive in these fields.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our government is more than committed to youth development and is fully supportive of a comprehensive Youth into Science Strategy, the main objective of which include:
Promoting science and technology literacy among the general public, particularly the youth, and
Enrolling more young people with talent and potential in science, engineering and technology – based careers.

As we work hard to increase participation and performance in maths and science, we need to link learning to employment opportunities or at least to the development of life and entrepreneurial skills.

Through our government’s plan for the placement and support of successful school leavers and graduates, we facilitate the development of such skills and link young people who have talent and potential with possibilities for employment and further learning.

To make sure learners are aware of our interventions and effort, Pabalelo High School, as is the case with all other schools, is encouraged to participate in campaigns such as the National Science Week, held annually during the month of May, as well as our science festivals and science platform months.

The success of your school in effectively using the laptops donated by Vodacom would serve as an inspiration to other schools and young people. Our province and our country needs people with mathematics and science skills, and this school definitely has the potential of producing what we need, and more so with this generous donation such as this one from Vodacom.

Teachers, I commend your efforts in the development of skilled young men and women to ensure the future prosperity of our provinces and our country.

Students, you need to dedicate yourselves to your studies to ensure the best for your future. Make good use of the opportunities that the government and companies like Vodacom are offering you.

The government cannot succeed on its own. Timely contributions from the private sector could easily double the outputs of the past 16 years of our young democracy, in only a year or two.

Ladies and gentleman, next Wednesday is election day, go out in your numbers and go and vote, make your voices heard. Our hard fought freedom, obligates you to determine the type of conditions you choose to live in. Vote for the party of your choice and make a difference.

Once again thank you Vodacom. We need business like Vodacom to help us realize the vision captured in our Youth into Science Strategy. Our success is yours, and your success is ours.

I wish you all everything of the best.

Thank you.


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