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Department of Sport, Arts and Culture and National Arts Council to meet with Beneficiaries and Key Stakeholders in the Arts Sector.

The National Arts Council and the Department of Sport , Arts and Culture finds itself at a critical juncture to remain relevant and in touch with the arts, culture and heritage (ACH) sector. In its quest of being proactive and responsive to the sector, that the two organizations will be meeting with the beneficiaries and stakeholders to formally announce NAC 2018 Funding Outcomes in the Northern Cape. The purpose of the meeting is also to brief and engage stakeholders together with beneficiaries as to what can be expected of henceforth.

The meeting with relevant stakeholders is critical to assist the Council in reaching out to the arts community to further forge relations in the development and promotion of arts and culture in Northern Cape Province.

The founding father of our democratic nation, former President Nelson Mandela, whose legacy we continue to celebrate during  the year of his centenary once said;

“Artists reach areas far beyond the reach of politicians. Art, especially entertainment and music, is understood by everybody, and it lifts the spirit and morale of those who hear it.”

By saying these words former President Mandela reaffirmed that music is a universal language; it knows no ethnic, cultural, racial and geographic boundaries. Music also has a healing and uplifting effect.

Music therefore is a powerful tool to unite people, to promote social cohesion, to build and strengthen bridges of friendship and solidarity and ultimately contribute towards building a better, more caring and humane society.

It is against this background that it is imperative that we meet the Artists due to the important and fundamental role they play in creating a social cohesive society.

The media is hereby invited to the stakeholder engagement that will be taking place as forth
DATE   :         12 NOVEMBER 2018
TIME  :          12H00

For more media enquiries please contact Conrad Fortune (DSAC) @ 0798730679 or Ms Jane Molekwa (NAC) @ 063 407 4116.

Issued by
Conrad  Fortune
Media Liaison Officer
Ministry of Sport , Art and Culture
Northern Cape

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