Consumer Protection Act

What is the Consumer Protection Act?

The act is based on fairness and equality for all consumers. In so doing, it provides consumers with a greater level of protection against providers of goods and services.

In brief, this is how the CPA does this:

• It promotes a fair, accessible and sustainable marketplace for consumer products and services.
• It lays down norms and standards to protect consumer.
• It prohibits certain unfair marketing and business practices.
• It promotes responsible consumer behavior.
• It lays down laws relating to transactions and agreements.
• It brings into being the National Consumer Commission and National Consumer Tribunal to enforce consumer protection.

Who are consumers?

Everyone is a consumer because in one way or another we all buy goods and services. We all enter into agreements of sorts for services and benefits.

Juristic persons who fall below the threshold prescribed by the Act will be afforded protection under the Act as a consumer.

As such, any person is protected under the Act in their capacity of a consumer.

What does the Consumer Protection Act apply to?

It applies to every transaction occurring within the Republic of South Africa, including:

•The promotion or supply of any goods and services occurring within the country; and
•Goods or services that are supplied or performed.
“Goods” are anything marketed for human consumption. This ranges from food to literature, music to photograph, films to games, software to data, and water to electricity. The Act does provide a comprehensive definition of the “goods”.

“Services” are also defined in the Act and refers to “any work or undertaking performed by one person for the direct or indirect benefit of another”. This includes providing of education, information, advice and banking or related financial services.

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