Department of Economic Development and Tourism together with municipal representatives and the businesses community held a clean-up and anti-litter stakeholder session on 04 September 2019 at the Frances Baard district municipality.
The purpose of this session is to mobilise social partners on the destination clean up and anti-littering campaign. The Department of Economic
Development and Tourism is looking to clean up the Northern Cape Province in terms of destination perspective. This campaign is to motivate
the people to work together with municipalities to keep the province clean. Senior Manager of Tourism, Mr S.Mampe said: “We need social
partners to be part of this campaign so that business community must say how they can contribute”.
We want to enhance the Northern Cape as a quality, value for money tourism destination. We encourage business educators and organisations
to actively participate in activities that builds support and volunteerism, find waste collection methods, partnerships and sponsors. The physical
appearance of the Northern Cape Province is important and that is why partners should ask how litter has happened and which areas are
affected. They must also look at where the problem is, what type of litter it is and what the community’s perceptions are. This campaign must
focus widely on the sources of waste.
Representatives from Northern Cape Tourism Authority, Department of Public Works, Department of Economic Development and Tourism,
Local Municipalities, District Municipalities, Non- Governmental Organisations, Non-Profit Organisations, Organised businesses represented by
NOCCI, Media Houses and Department of Environment and Nature Conservation were present at this session.
The next session will be held in Kuruman, 6 September 2019.

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Heritage day celebration in Upington

Heritage Day recognises and celebrates the cultural wealth of our nation. South Africans celebrate the day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various events are staged throughout the country to commemorate thisday. It is a day in which all are encouraged to celebrate their cultural traditions in the wider context of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions that make up the nation of South Africa.
On the 24th of September 2019, the Heritage Day celebrations were hosted in the Northern Cape Province in the Upington at the Mxolisi Dicky
Jacobs Stadium. “Today we connect with all South Africans from all walks of life to mark this special day as a tribute to our diversity and culture. This day must specifically be utilised to educate our younger generation to nurture their culture, heritage and tradition.” - Northern Cape Premier Dr. Zamani Saul.
The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa officially opened the Sandile Present Community Library ahead of his speech at the Mxolisi 
Jacobs Stadium. “ More than half a million copies of classical texts in indigenous languages have been distributed to various public libraries, school libraries, resource centres and university libraries as part of the Reprint of South African Classics programme.” - South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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Women in tourism Celebration

The Women in Tourism (WiT) is a platform that drive initiatives that support the development and empowerment of women in the tourism sector. This platform recognised the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs who are often found at the bottom end of the tourism economic value chain, and identified interventions that will assist in realising the WiT agenda. This is a collaboration between the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDaT) and Northern Cape Tourism Authority (NCTA) to host the women in tourism provincial chapter launcnh on the 19th September 2019 in Upington, Northern Cape.
Mr. Michael Segede, the Executive Mayor of Dawid Kruiper Municipality welcomed the audience of 100 delegates followed by Ms. Maylene Broderick, the Chief Director for Enterprise Development and Transformation enlightened the audience about the purpose of the engagement '' The aim of the programme is to create a conversation platform for advancing transformation and intergration of women from different socio-economic backgrounds and spectra within the sector towards ensuring that your interest converge on a common and sustainable development goal within the tourism industry.'' said Segede During the summit the Women in tourism held a disscussion to braimstorm the ideas of how the can support each other in order to elevate thier businesses and votes were made to select the executive committe members that can drive the women in tourism of the Northern Cape Province.
MEC Maruping Lekwene addressed and announced the new executive committe members, during his address he said that ''we need to ensure that women who constitute the majority in the sector are respected, recognised, represented and rewarded' said MEC Maruping.

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Kimberley Comes Alive With The Lilizela Tourism Awards

The first leg of the 2019 Lilizela Tourism Awards kicked off in Kimberley, Northern Cape on 5 September respectively. Of the 11 winners on the night in the Northern Cape, seven of them were women - a great achievement and testament to the growing efforts of the South African tourism industry to be more inclusive and have women in leadership.
The Department of Economic Development and Tourism held the provincial Lilizela Tourism Awards on the 5th of September 2019 at the Flamingo view. These awards are designed to grow the profile and importance of the tourism industry in South Africa and support the goals of the National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS).
These awards are an initiative of the National Department of Tourism (NDT); spearheaded by South African Tourism and delivered by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. These awards recognise and reward tourism players and businesses who work passionately and with pride to deliver a world class product and service and whose delivery grows South Africa’s global destination competitiveness.
Speaking at the event, MEC of economic development and tourism, Maruping Lekwene said: "Through their hard work, determination and courage, the industry players continue to put our province on the domestic and international tourism radar and they have become strategic players who are contributing towards putting our province as a destination of choice. It is on that basis that the recipients of these awards as well as other stakeholders in the tourism business, who have entered the Lilizela competition today, should be seen as true tourism ambassadors of our beautiful province."
11 winners on the night in the Northern Cape, seven of them were women - a great achievement and testament to the growing efforts of the
South African tourism industry to be more inclusive and have women in leadership.
The provincial awards form part of the preliminary events leading up to the National Lilizela Tourism Awards on 9 November 2019, being held
at the Sun Arena in Pretoria.

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KDC Grandslam in Menlyn

The Gauteng leg of the Kimberley Diamond Cup Grandslam took place on 21 September 2019 in Pretoria, at Thrashers Skate Park in Menlyn. Skaters from diverse backgrounds and varying age groups flooded to the skate park and competed in the competition. It was a day filled with adrenaline and much excitement. Four brilliant female skaters also competed in this leg of the competition and they shared the prize money for the category.

The Acting Head of Department for Economic Development and Tourism, Mr. Sam Mabilo handed over the prizes to the talented skaters who qualified to compete in the anticipated Kimberly Diamond Cup finals. Good music and competitive skating were the order for the day but the highlight was the announcement that Shaun Burger qualified to go to China to compete. The winners of the day were:

Under 16 Category

  • 3rd place Noah Whittle –R2000
  • 2nd place Terrence –R5000
  • 1st place SSSiye Thema –R8000

Adult Category

  • 3rd Shaun Burger –R6000
  • 2nd Chappies –R8000
  • 1st Tyler Kammies –R10000

The KDC finals are scheduled to take place in December 2019 at the Kumba Skate Park, in Kimberley. Skateboarding has recently been accredited as an Olympic Sport for the 2020 Tokyo and the 2024 Paris Olympics with the main Kimberley Diamond Cup event in Kimberley becoming a qualifier venue for the 2020 Olympics. We are only two Grandslams away from the 2019 Skate Boarding finale in Kimberley and the Northern Cape Provincial Government is excited to host local, national and international participants. Come and experience the Northern Cape with KDC.



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Budget Vote 6 - 2019/20


The Department of Economic Development and Tourism budget Vote 6 has been appropriated R327,998 million for the 2019/2020 financial year. Below we outline how this appropriation has being invested to reflect our commitment to create a people-centred society to restore human dignity in our communities by achieving the vision of a Modern, Growing and successful Northern Cape.

PLANS FOR 2019/2020 With total Budget allocation of R 327, 997 million.


Provides strategic economic direction to the province and municipalities and facilitates the implementation of the department’s mandate.

PROGRAMME 2: INTERGRATED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: R66,389 million out of this amount a total of R29, 900 million will be allocated to the Economic Growth and Development Fund (EGDF).

  • This allocation will be utilised for support to enterprises, development of local economies and the empowerment of historically disadvantage individuals (HDIs).
  • A portion of the money will be allocated to the youth entrepreneurship and development fund.
  • The Khai Ma// Kai Garib and Siyathemba local municipalities will be assisted with the development of the LED strategies.
  • Emthanjeni and Hantam Local and Frances Baard District Municipalities will be assisted with the development of LED components for their IDPs.
  • The Department received R 2,089 million from the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) funding in the Environment and Tourism Sector, this will create a minimum of 225 work opportunities.
  • The Economic Empowerment unit will focus on the facilitation of the implementation of the Youth Employment Service (YES) and vocational skills development programmes for the youth to get them ready for the job market and empowering them to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).


PROGRAMME 3: TRADE AND SECTOR DEVELOPMENT: R50, 218 million out of this amount a total of R18 ,304 million will be allocated to the Northern Cape Economic Development and Investment Promotion Agency (NCEDA).

  • For the Metal Industrial Cluster located in Kuruman, the department will focus on ensuring the completion of the sub-division and demarcation of plots for the phase 1 and the finalisation of the technical assessment report on bulk infrastructure.
  • A three- year implementation plan for the Clothing and Textile Cluster has been developed and will be implemented over the 2019/2020 to 2021/2022 MTEF period.
  • The provincial government will establish a provincial mining company.
  • The MEC highlighted that “NCEDA will continue investment attraction in order to assist the establishment of all SEZ initiatives in the province, As a result of the presence of the anchor investor in the form of Vendata Zinc International (VIZ) and the Gamsberg Mine development at Aggeneys, the development and designation of the SEZ in Namakwa will be prioritized jointly with the Upington SEZ application”.
  • The department has collaborated with Investment South Africa (Invest SA) to facilitate the establishment of a Northern Cape One Stop Shop which will provide investors with services to fast track investment into country and reduce government red-tape, 30 temporary jobs could result from this and eight permanent staff members could be employed.


  • Northern Cape Liquor Board is allocated R13, 309 million
  • Gambling Board R15, 531 million
  • This allocation will enable the programme to ensure an equitable, socially responsible business environment that allows for predictability, investment and economic growth.
  • The Northern Cape Liqour Board (NCLB) will look at possibilities off developing an electronic liquor licensing system for the online digitalization of liquor applications and also working closely with the South African Police Services (SAPS) to eradicate illegal liquor trading and related.


  • The Department in partnership with Provincial Treasury, will host the 11th annual Congress of the Public Sector Economist Forum (PSEF) on 27-29 November 2019 in Upington.
  • In this era of digitalization, the department will expand the Cell Phone Repair Technician to the other four districts this financial year.
  • Broadband telecommunications under the SA Connect Policy, continues in Pixley Ka Seme District with 16 SITA Next Generation Network (NGN) sites upgraded to 19 Broadband Infranco (BBI) Sites access links installed and tested.
  • For this financial year the department is looking at availing WIFI connectivity to three more sites namely Frances Baard Incubation Centre in Collville, the Northern Cape SMME Trust and the Kimberley Skate Plaza.
  • The Department in partnership with Sol Plaatjie University will launch the Northern Cape Innovation Forum (NCIF) that will comprise of government, business, academia and civil society to prepare an innovation baseline for the province.

PROGRAMME 6: TOURISM: R74, 017 million

  • The Northern Cape Tourism Authority is allocated R24, 036 million to promote the Northern Cape as a competitive tourist destination.
  • 125 tourism enterprises will be assisted with financial non-financial support, 50 will be youth-owned.
  • The department will continue to play a role in improving products and experiences in historically disadvantaged communities to unlock the Township Tourism Economy and fast track transformation in the tourism sector through projects like the Galeshewe activity and Upington 26 routes amongst others.
  • The Kimberley Diamond Cup has been recognised as one of the sporting codes by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
  • From the 5-8 December 2019 the Northern Cape will be hosting the Kimberley Diamond Cup a festival of extreme sports like skateboarding, mountain biking, BMX freestyle and BMX ramp challenge.
  • The economic impact of the KDC is estimated at 53 million year-on-year over a three-year period at a cost of R27 million per annum.
  • The Bloodhound Land Speed Record attempt at Hakskeenpan in Mier will take place from 21 October until 30 November 2019.
  • The project has the potential to create 25 permanent employment opportunities within the five years, 100 EPWP work opportunities during all other future events.
  • Astro and Science tourism will receive a significant boost through the establishment of the SKA Science Exploratorium.
  • The Exploratorium will include a tourism visitor centres, digital planetarium, multi-purpose training centre, exhibition and a radio telescope dish.
  • NCTA will support 65 events inclusive of flagship, strategic and provincial events with 3000 temporary jobs to be created through these events

The following partnerships and MOUs will be facilitated and implemented in the current financial year:

  • Partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and mining houses to develop the Kathu Industrial Park. The project is structured in phases and Phase 1 could potentially secure R450 million. This can boost small business creation and a great number of jobs as a result.
  • MOU with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in hosting self-service terminals for business registration in at least District Municipalities. This will allow for access to CIPC services at very affordable rates.
  • Establishing the Upington Blou Dakkies and Eiland Public Private Partnership to attract private investment in order to develop the properties to increase value and income generation for the local municipality.
  • Partnership with the Rural TVET to train 25 qualified chefs in the Namakwa and ZF Mcgawu districts to support the tourism and hospitality industry
  • MOU with Productivity South Africa that allows for non-financial support to be provided to enterprises with a view to improve productivity, 20 enterprises will undergo training.
  • NCEDA will be partnering with DSBD on the Black Business Supplier Development Program (BBSDP) and Start-Up Enterprise Development Program (SEDP)
  • Partner with Department of Labour to drive the UIF Labour Activation Programme that will ensure that the youth of the province get training on critical skills.

The programme will create 3000 temporary job opportunities for youth, worth R209m investment.

  • Collaborate with the DMRE to assist artisanal miners in the Namakwa district to gain access to the diamond mineral resources in their area.
  • Collaborate with the dti to train companies on export awareness and exporter development.
  • Partnership with the industry association Raisins SA, to expand market share for their product and sharing marketing collateral.
  • Continue to vigorously pursue the implementation of the MOUs between parties from the Northern Cape and the Peoples Republic of China
  • As part of the inter-governmental agreement between the Northern Cape Province with the //Karas Region of the Republic of Namibia twinning agreement, KIDJA will train diamond and jewellery design students from Namibia.

Budget Vote 6 - 201920

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Kimberley Diamond Cup Launch

The long awaited Kimberley Diamond Cup (KDC) has returned to Kimberley and promises to be key in positioning the Province as a the Mecca of Extreme Sports. 
The Premier, Dr Zamani Saul, reminded approximately 200 youth from across the country as well as Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland that it is quite appropriate that the launch should take place a day after Mandela Day, who dedicated his life for our children and youth to be prosperous.
“This is an important event in the calendar of the Northern Cape and also important for the economic geography of our Province. We want to use tourism and especially sport tourism to attract tourists to our Province and create much needed jobs especially for our youth”, said Dr Saul in welcoming skateboarders and their management to the Province and wishing them well for the competition.
Catch the Grandslam currently underway at the Kimberley skatepark!

Heritage-Culture-History(HECULHI) Festival 2018

Heritage-Culture-History(HECULHI) Festival 2018

This weekend Galeshewe celebrated the rich and diverse cultures of its people, to revive the region's reputation for cultural and artistic creativity, and to honour its rich history at the HECULHI cultural festival that was hosted by Department of Economic of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDaT) in partnership with Department of Sports Arts and Culture (DSAC).

(HECULHI) which stand for Heritage-Culture-History Festival was held on the 24th November 2018 at the Mayibuye Precinct, in Galeshewe. Mayibuye precinct is situated within the Galeshewe tourism route, which consist of a house and office used by the founder and the first President of the Pan African Congress (PAC), Robert Sobukwe with the Mayibuye memorial which stand as the anchor of the Mayibuye precinct is continuously bringing memories. The aim of this festival was to expose the rich diversity in Galeshewe Township, which Kimberley is endowed with.

MEC Mac Jack supported this initiative as he believes that Township Tourism should be prioritised, our quest is to develop, promote and support Township Tourism. We will continue to revive, sustain and promote Tourism Activity Routes throughout the province such as the Galeshewe Activity Route and other historical routes in other parts of the province.

He believes that tourism development should continue to focus on improving the visitor experience in our townships. The objectives of hosting this festival were as follows: • To unlock the tourism potential Galeshewe has • To accelerate the economic levers in Galeshewe and Kimberley • To revive latent artistic talent the district is fused with. Tourism is a significant and critical sector in South Africa as it contributes positively and has an impact on development of the country’s economy. The Department’s responsibility is to facilitate the implementation of a coordinated cooperative governance between public and private sectors to ensure the development of Tourism attraction’s and activities.
Hosting this festival gave Galeshewe a platform to have its own tourism and artistic offering on the map.


THE Northern Cape’s Premier tourism destinations were recognised and awarded during the annual Northern Cape Provincial Lilizela Awards Ceremony held at Batsumi Lodge in Galeshewe.

The aim of the awards is to recognise and reward tourism players and businesses who work passionately and with pride to deliver a world-class tourism product and service.

The Lilizela Tourism Awards is an initiative to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage an escalated level of quality tourism services offered in the country, thereby enhancing South Africa’s global competitiveness and position the country as a preferred tourist destination.

MEC responsible for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Hon Mac Jack has congratulated the following winners and wish them best of luck in the national finals:

  • Action and Adventure: Gravity Adventures Northern Cape Bed and Breakfast: Brown’s Manor and Classic Court
  • B&B and Villa Country House: Holkrans Guest Lodge
  • Culture and Lifestyle: The Workshop Ko Kasi Game Lodge: Mattanu Private Game Reserve
  • Guest House: Oleander Guest House and African Vineyard Guesthouse
  • Hotel: Kimberley Anne Small Luxury Hotel, Garden Court Kimberley and Road Lodge Kimberley.
  • Meetings, Exhibitions and Special Events (MESE): Naba Lodge Conference Facility
  • Roots and Culture: The Big Hole
  • Self Catering Exclusive: Rhino Manor
  • MEC’s Awards 2017 : Mr Joy Phirisi (Native Minds)
  • MEC’s Awards 2018 : Mr Meshack Nkadimang (Batharos Hotel)
  • MEC Special Recognition Tourism Awards: Mr .Don Jacobs from Kimberley and : Oom Hendrik Bott from the Kalahari

The MEC will also like to thank Batsumi Lodge staff and management for a great hospitality.

Picture  s

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#NCDevHack 2018

#NCDevHack 2018: Digital Innovation for Connected Governance and Sustainability

The 4th NCDev Hackathon was held in the Northern Cape Province, continuing to raise the profile of the diamond and Karoo province as a growing, active and vibrant hub for Tech and Innovation. As we provide renewed hope to the millions of unemployed people who are positive about government, the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDaT) in partnership with GKSS, Sol Plaatjie University (SPU), SITA, DPSA CPSI, FIbreCo and Angel Resources held this year’s provincial Hackathon in De Aar, Pixley Ka-Seme District Municipality (PKSDM) from 31 August-2 September 2018. This event connected young, skilled, creative and ambitious tech minds to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, network with industry leaders, and obtain ICT training to improve and enhance the digital skills talent pool in the Province

Hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event where computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.       

This was the first to be held in PKSDM and it was also served to launch 2018 Public Service month by Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) and building up to the national igniteHack, in Gauteng on the 28-30 September 2018. 

The ultimate prize for this Hackathon was a trip to the National Hackathon sponsored by DPSA at end of September, in Gauteng. Other prices included vouchers being sponsored by FibreCo to the Top 3 teams and various spot prizes such as Best Use of Data prize. Two teams won the first price to attend the National Hackathon. One team based in De Aar called Immortality, developed an app called Community Hub which will help the communities to stay updated about every event, Job Posts and Schools Updates. The Kimberley Team B2G came up with a Web application that will allow users to register their new born babes online. 

The Hack, highlighted the DEDaTs, seriousness in improving skills and knowledge in across the province with previous targeted hacks having been hosted in Mier, Khatu and Upington. The DEDaT aims to transition the Northern Cape into a knowledge-based economy and all these kinds of activities contributes to achieving this goal.

According to Mr Girruite from DEDaT “for the Department to invest in these Hackathons is to achieve our strategic object of developing a knowledge society, through innovation, that enhances inclusive economic growth aimed at stimulating and developing more ICT/Entrepreneurship in the province” he concluded.


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MEC MacCollin Jack kicks off THUMA MINA campaign in Warrenton, Northern Cape

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism held a Thuma Mina campaign in Warrentom on the weekend of the 3rd and the 5th. The officials of the department started off at three schools, Mogomotsi Secondary School, Warrenton High School, and to hand out sanitary towels to girls who come from poverty stricken communities, as an initiative to keep the girls in school.
The Officials then proceeded to the house of Angeline Kaitshane (87) in a village called Ikhutseng to install buglers, doors, and a fence for security of the granny and her family, after she was attacked while sleeping. The department engaged with the family members during the course of the visit.
On Sunday the department visited the United Reform Church where the MEC delivered a message of hope to the congregation.  The MEC then proceeded to the house to hand over school uniform to the grandchildren of Kaitshane, Katlego and Koketso who are currently in Grade 10.
Thereafter a community meeting was held at the Magareng municipality where the MEC met the SMME’s to discuss challenges as well as to continue to sustain their businesses. The MEC and the Stakeholders concluded that the LED Conference will be held to implement what was discussed during the meeting.


NC Economic Colloquium 2018

The department of Economic Development and Tourism held the economic colloquium at the Mittah Seperepere convention center which took place from the 30th to the 31st of July 2018 in Kimberly. 

The conference was conducted by the MEC of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, MacCollin Jack. 
The aim of the conference was to seek economic growth through investment and innovation, responding to a clarion called by the President Cyril Ramaphosa. Over two hundred dignitaries participated with the intention of taking a radical transformative action. Academics, government institutions and potential investors were involved in a round table to deliberate and come with conclusive actions on how to stimulate the economic growth of the province. 
Setting the tone for the Economic Colloquium, MEC Mac Jack stated that the round table should discuss ideas that ensures that the young people are job creators and not job seekers. He also commented on the inclusiveness of the various cities in the Northern Cape, and that provincial gatherings should be held across the province and not in some cities.
Panel discussions were presented on Tourism, Agricultural, Renewable Energy and Mining and mineral beneficiation opportunities.  A platform was given to sector stakeholders to discuss and come up with interventions to address the province’s economic dynamics and deliberate ideas to attract investments to the province and have capital injection.
During the panel discussions, the speakers enlightened the audience about the requirements of elevating the economy of the Northern Cape. One of the guest speakers, Doctor L Abrahams spoke about the fourth industrial revolution and what it entails. She also emphasized on building a knowledge based economy, saying that “education institutions, particularly our universities, have a huge role to play in taking the economy of the Northern Cape Province to greater heights.”
Mr. S Mabilo the acting HOD gave out the closing remarks werein he said the economic colloquium was a good platform from which to take discussion and engagement forward on different platform of stakeholders in order to advance the common interest of stakeholders in the different sectors and the communities of the northern cape.

The link will be developed for all the economic colloquium attendees on the website of economic development and tourism to find the details and analysis.


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Policy, Research & Innovation: Acting Senior Manager
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Celebrating the 100 years of Nelson Mandela legacy

Celebrating the 100 years of Nelson Mandela legacy, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism hosted children from Tshepang Day and After Care Centre to tourist attraction sites in Kimberley on Mandela Day. 

85 Kids were taken to the Big Hole where they were taught about the historical background of the mining in Kimberley and how the Big Hole came to be. Children had an opportunity to tour with a Site Guard that explained the site in detail, for instance the tools they used and the wealth they generated from the mining.

Later in the day the children were taken to the McGregor museum where they had fun activities such as jumping castles. The kids then received party packs that included a toy and a hoodie to keep them warm. 




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Employee Health & Wellness

DEDaT VacWork 2018 at the Empilisweni Youth Service Centre(YSC), in Prieska

The Sol Plaatje University and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism held a Vacation Workshop in Prieska to equip the young people in the Northern Cape with ICT skills. The Vacation Workshop took place during the mid-week of July holidays at the Empilisweni Youth Service Centre (YSC). Young and unemployed youth acquired skills and solution in line with green technologies for the sustainability of the Northern Cape. The Vacation Work was under the theme of Northern Cape Green Pipeline: Economy, Innovation and Technology. On the first day of the week, the total number of 105 of young and unemployed youth were registered in the Vacation work programme to participate. The programme was conducted by the GEEKULCHA, NCDEV, SOL PLAATJE and DEDAT. Induction was conducted by the mentors and the participants were divided into groups, wherein each group identifies the major problem that is taking place in the province and evaluate the ideas as well as digital solution that can be implemented to eradicate the stigma.

During the VacWork programme, mentors from the departments assisted the people to build their prototypes and encourage them to work as a team. The teams were very cooperative, accelerating with a higher speed to see their projects to the positive conclusions. The teams worked very hard and they were confident and comfortable when the mentors taught them in the language they understand best. The young people didn’t take the Workshop lightly, most of them were determined to learn from the presentations and motivated to become Tech leaders of tomorrow.

The Executive Mayor Mr Howard Tsume 

The Executive Mayor Mr Howard Tsume visited the Empilisweni youth service centre

(YSC) and he was very impressed about the initiative. He urged the youth to give what they have learnt.“You were very good in executing what you are doing, I want to thank you and wish you all the best in these programmes that you are hosting with young children” said Mr Howard Tsume.
Afterwards, the participants presents the projects they have been working on. During the presentations the candidates were very focused and confident about their inventions, most of the teams left the judges speechless after presentation.

After the presentations prices were given to the top three teams that came out supreme.

The young leaders found themselves on
the 1st place, they made the water track
device which will help the people to use
water efficiently.
The cool kids were in the 2nd place The social innovators were in the
3rd place, they created the mobile
application whichwill help the people
to report the electricity theft.



Contact Details
Winston Rooiland
Knowledge Economy & Innovation : Manager
Tel Number: 053 830 4886
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Northern Cape Tourism Graduations and Imbizo 2018

"As I stand here today I am confident to say that this skills training programme has indeed reached its goal of creating graduates that will be change agents to the economy of the province and South Africa”

The Department of Economic Development of Tourism together with the Northern Cape Tourism Authority and Sol Plaatjie Municipality held the hospitality youth programme graduations on the 26th March 2018 at Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre,  the graduation ceremony was later followed by an Imbizo at the Recreational Hall in Galeshewe. 
The Imbizo was platform for the Deputy Minister, and the executives from the Northern Cape Province, to engage with the community on the initiatives and opportunities that exist in the Tourism sector for the youth, women and SMME's. The Imbizo was also a platform for SMME's to address challenges experienced in the tourism sector of the province.

During the Graduation Ceremony the programme director, Ms Bulelwa Seti, Chief Director for Tourism Sector Support, took the liberty of welcoming all learners, The Deputy Minister and stakeholders in attendance. “Today we witness a historic occasion when 115 young people from the province receive National Accredited Certificates in Food and Beverage as well as Accommodation service, as I stand here today i am confident to say that this programme and skills training has indeed reached its goal creating graduates that will be change agents to the economy of the province and South Africa" Ms Bulelwa Seti said.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Ms Elizabeth Thabethe, urged graduates to not only see their certificates in tourism as a gateway of employment but to also view tourism as sector of which they can grow in and make a living. Sixty percent of our graduates have been absorbed but we really encourage the rest to see this as a window to become their own bosses. 

“I am inspired by the speech by Honourable President Cyril Ramaphosa at the State of the Nations Address (SONA) in Cape Town. President Ramaphosa highlighted the importance of tourism growth in South African economy" Thabethe said. 

Quoting from his SONA speech "tourism is another area which provides our country with incredible opportunities. Tourism currently sustains 700 000 direct jobs and is performing better than most sectors. There is no reason why it can’t double in size. We have the most beautiful country in the world and the most hospitable people. 

This year, we will enhance support for destination marketing in key tourism markets and take further measures to reduce regulatory barriers and develop emerging tourism businesses. We call on all South Africans to open their homes and their hearts to the world” Thabethe said. We look forward to up skilling more youth that are passionate about this sector, the Deputy Minister concluded.


South Africa and the Northern Cape are faced with a challenge of high unemployment and low economic growth. At a national level government identified a number of interventions to address these challenges while at the same time tackling poverty and inequality.  The country adopted the National Development Plan (NDP) which aims to radically transform the lives of the people of the country.

NDP was introduced to accelerate economic growth and aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030. This is to be achieved through the implementation of plans and programmes such as the NDP, New Growth Plan (NGP) and the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP).

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism held a District Economic Symposium (DES) on the 22nd November 2017, Springbok (Namakwa District). The purpose and focus of the DES was to create a platform for a dialogue with relevant stakeholders regarding implementation of key economic policies at district level. It was also platform to provide information on the services offered by government and share with stakeholder’s economic development plans and interventions that are linked to the Nine Point Plan.

Different government departments and agencies presented economic development opportunities that exist within the district, and furthermore identified interventions needed to radically transform socio-economic landscape of that district.

Other institutions that were present were SEFA, NEF, NYDA and SEDA to highlight the non-financial and financial support that exists for entrepreneurs.

The program director Mr Setlhabi presented the economic policy imperative plans which focused more on the IPAP 2017. However, he said that the NDP was the overarching policy that is linked to all other policies. He further alluded that, it is important for the municipality to implement these policies and align them with the IPAP, which is critical for the improvement of the country and most importantly for the SMMES.

SMMEs were encouraged to take note of all the opportunities and convert them into meaningful and workable projects so as to diversify the economy to accelerate growth and create employment opportunities.

The National Empowerment Fund Hosts an Empowerment Expo

The NEF in collaboration the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, SETA, SEFA and various other stakeholders held an empowerment expo on the 10th October 2017 at Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre. The objective of the event was to promote access to information on funding, franchising, enterprise and supplier development.

Mr Molepo Divisional Executive for SMMEs Development at NEF spoke on the founding and success stories of the NEF. “The NEF has benefited black entrepreneurship through the approval of 874 transactions worth more than 8.8 billion across the country and has achieved a 12 year clean audit consecutively, with 92189 jobs created, in addition the NEF has reached 30 000 people in villages and townships through the hosting of more than 138 seminars and 2.3 billion has been repaid by investees based on this analysis we have truly achieved our objective and looking forward to achieving even more” Mr Molepo alluded.

Among the guest presenters at the expo was Acting HOD of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism Mr Mabilo, who reiterated the importance of empowering black communities. ”It is the government’s approach and strategy to realise the provinces full potential by bringing the black majority into the economic mainstream and this only can be achieved by placing focus on historically disadvantaged people, black people, women, youth, and the disabled, and rural communities” Mr Mabilo said. The Department of Economic Development and Tourism has to date assisted 250 SMME’s and cooperatives, a number of these SMME’s were referred to the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and the Small Business Development Agency (SEDA) for assistance with products development and product testing and certification. Marketing and Sales training was given to 59 informal traders. We will continue to collaborate with different stakeholders the aim of empowering black SMME’s.

The NEF is aiming to raise the tempo of black women participation in the lucrative business of fuel service stations and therefore invited Shell, Engen and Sasol to engage SMME’s on the opportunities that exist in the Petroleum industry. The Engen-NEF deal was signed in 2009 to provide affordable loans to black entrepreneurs, also providing the necessary capital to purchase service stations. In an environment where access to participation in the retail fuels industry could require significant capital investment. The NEF deal seeks to provide support to these HDSA entrepreneurs who may be experiencing financial barriers to entry into this market.

“The Engen-NEF deal was signed in 2009 to provide affordable loans to black entrepreneurs, providing the necessary capital to purchase service stations,” says Tasneem Sulaiman-Bray, GM of Engen Corporate Affairs. In an environment where access to participation in the retail fuels industry could require significant capital investment, the NEF deal seeks to provide support to these HDSA entrepreneurs who may be experiencing financial barriers to entry into this market.

“The aim is to grow Engen’s ratio of black-owned service stations, in support of the country’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment [BBBEE] Codes. Since then, we have attained 50% BBBEE ownership across our network of over 1,000 sites.”

he National Empowerment Fund (NEF) is aiming to raise the tempo of black women participation in the lucrative business of fuel service stations.

This was laid out by NEF CEO, Philisiwe Mthethwa, at the inaugural NEF Fuel Expo. The expo was held at the weekend at the NEF head office in Johannesburg to promote greater participation of black people, and women in particular, in the sector through the ownership and management of petroleum service stations.

The National Career Expo 2017

The Department of Tourism (NDT), the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education Training Authority (CATHSSETA) and the Free State Department of Economic Small Business Development, Tourism and Environment Affairs (DESTEA) in partnership with the Hilton Group held the annual National Tourism Careers Expo (NTCE) under the theme “Tourism Alive with Possibilities” at PACOFS, Bloemfontein from the 28th to 30th September 2017.

The aim of the expo was to provide an opportunity for tourism programme experts to share information with tourism educators and learners and also to enable stakeholders within the sector to share information on diverse careers available in the sector. Among the attendees at this year’s expo was Deputy Minister of Tourism Elizabeth Thabethe, HOD of DESTEA, Mrs Gadija Brown and COO of CATHSSETA, Mr Sabelo Silinga. “The expo not only aims to position tourism as a valued and vibrant career opportunities but also designed to bridge the information gap between the industry, government, learners and educators, Mr Silinga said.

The National Tourism Careers Expo (NTCE), is in its ninth year and the third and final year in the Free State, “this year will be the final year that we will be in the Free State we are also looking at launching this expo in other provinces, we have been to the Kwa Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape, can you guess where we going next “Mr Silinda alluded, as he engaged learners and educators in the crowd.

Among the 5000+ learners and educators who attended this event were nine (9) tourism learners and educators from the Northern Cape whom were identified by the Department to be part of this informative event.


Flamingo Horse Race

Kimberley, well-known for being a “city of first”, officially welcomed the Flamingo Horse Race Saturday 05 August 2017 at the Flamingo Horse Race Park. The patriots came out in numbers, stylishly dressed to show their support of this astounding event. The Flamingo Racing Park is an authentic sand race course in the country and is unique because horses perform better on sand than it would on grass. The purpose is to have this event is radically transform communities, support SMME development and also ensure that the event leaves an annual impact in the city, its community and the economy

“I am extremely excited about hosting such a prestigious event. Events form an important part of our tourism strategy, so  we say why events? Because events cause enormous economic opportunities and change communities, we as The Department of Tourism would like to welcome everybody and would like to encourage our visitors to take a “short left” to experience Northern Cape and Do Tourism, you will not be disappointed” Ms Sharon Lewis from the Northern Cape Tourism Association said. 

The fashion and horseracing fare is a major draw for the city of Kimberley, a first of its kind and an exhilarant experience. The fashion forward came with their glitzy outfits, dressed by their fashion favourites-strutting their styles while the horses galloped away. A number of SMME’s showed up exhibiting their products sharing the wonderful experience.  “This event did not happen overnight it’s a combination of 3 years of planning and hard work, I applaud Mr Darius Babuseng and Zanele from Bosco and their teams for making the “Kimberley July”  a success on its first year of commencement”  Ms Sharon Lewis concluded.

For first time betters the event offered an exciting first time experience as punters raced to the betting stations in the hope of winning. The 2000m sand oval track hosted 10 rounds of races and over 15 horses competing was sure to keep punters on their toes.


The MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Hon Mac Jack, is leading a delegation to the Coega Development Corporation and East London Industrial Development Zone on a five-day fact-finding mission in the Eastern Cape Province.

The delegation will visit the Coega in Port Elizabeth from Monday to Wednesday morning before heading to East London for the last leg of the trip which will end on Friday.

 The delegation will consist of the Northern Cape MECs Pauline Williams (Transport, Safety and Liaison), Mxolisi Sokatsha (Public Works), Lebogang Motlhaping (Health), mayors and municipal managers from ZF Mgcawu, Namakwa, Dawid Kruiper, and Richtersveld municipalities including the CEO of the Northern Cape Economic Development, Trade and Investment Agency (NCEDA) Mr. Thobela Dikeni.

 The trip comes after MEC Jack’s recent visit to Coega, where he undertook to study the best practices that Eastern Cape Province, in particular, COEGA Development Corporation employ in conducting their business, especially with regard to the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The award winning Coega SEZ was recently recognised for its international reach as Best International Trade Marketing Specialist in South Africa at the Sub-Saharan Enterprise Awards 2017 hosted by MEA (Middle East & Africa) Markets.

 Demonstrating its capability, in the same month, the CDC was also the winner of the Infrastructure Development category at the Vision 2030 Awards.

The visit will assist the Northern Cape government in the establishment of a fully fleshed SEZ in Upington.

“Our primary mandate as the department is to grow the economy which will create much desired jobs in our province. Hence the mission will be forming much needed partnerships with Coega and East London IDZ, towards addressing the structural challenges relating to poverty, unemployment and inequality,” said MEC Jack

Jack indicated that the Upington SEZ will be linked to the Boegoe bay as an export channel for various commodities.

Supported by the department of trade and industry (the dti) the Upington SEZ, is a business entity of the Northern Cape Provincial Government, responsible for leading a manufacturing revolution in the renewable and solar energy, mining, agriculture, aeronautical and other sectors.

Through SEZs, the dti wants to bring economic activity and growth to isolated parts of the country, which have commercial potential and creation. The aim is to provide an investor-friendly business environment that attracts foreign and domestic investment, and creates employment.

The proposed Upington SEZ is driven by the anticipated positive outlook for the renewable solar energy power demand in South Africa within the context of the IRP 2010 plan of the South African Government. It is anticipated that the increased utilization of renewable energy as a source of electricity generation will drive the establishment of new industries.

Progress to date is that bulk infrastructure is adequate for phase 1 consisting of 58.4ha. Electricity for the SEZ will be provided through the development of a new Photo Voltaic (PV) Facility with an output of up to approximately 23MW, located on 72 hectares of land within the SEZ which will commence from phase two.


Issued by: Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism.

Kgalagadi Bush Racecourse

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Department of Sports Arts & Culture together with the Kgalagadi Municipality celebrated the official opening of the Kgalagadi Bush Horse Race event in Kuruman on Saturday 29th July 2017. The Kgalagadi Bush Race Event took place on the 29th-30th July hosted at the Seoding Race course graced by the presence of participants coming from as far as Johannesburg, Askam, Brei, Free State, Vansuilsrus, and Upington.

The event took off with a cutting of the ribbon ceremony where the Head of the Department, Mr Darius Babuseng and Kgosi (King) Setlhodi officially opened the event. “We as the Economic Development and Tourism take pride in supporting such events, they help support SMMEs and build social cohesion. These are the type of events that contribute immensely to the tourism industry and development. We are grateful of the efforts put in by the leadership in bringing together such an event and bringing life to such a rural as this kind of sport only take place in urban areas. We are also happy to see stalls selling their products as it promote SMME development, one of our key performance areas” Mr Babuseng said, as he wished every horse racer the best of luck.

“ Basha ke nako ya lona e, bokamoso jo ke jwa lona, bo shomareleng” ( The youth take advantage of this opportunity as it is beneficial to your future and hold on to it). said Kgosi Setlhodi.

 The Department of Arts and Culture as one of the stakeholders would contribute by assisting to fully develop this sporting code to be as prominent as their other sporting codes and will continue to support this event”

Kgosi Setlhodi showed a lot of appreciation to stakeholders, “We want to thank the government departments for supporting our event, we are happy that as horse owners we have always wanted to breed our horses with the intention of competing in racers, so we are really happy to be gaining such support and looking forward to the future success of the event”. 

SMMEs play a very important economic and social role, both through their prominence in the economy and in job creation, a role which is greatly appreciated in these times of crisis and rising unemployment rates. Local SMMes grabbed the opportunity to showcase and sell their products with both hands as they sold delicious food and drinks to event goers.

DEDAT Communication 2017


The Department of Economic Development and Tourism hosted another successful hackathon at the Sol Plaatjie University, on 16-17 May 2017.

Geekculcha, Sol Plaatje University and DEDAT held 24 hour, IT Security Summit Hackathon. The event was held simultaneously to the IT Web Security Hack in Johannesburg. Student, local SMMEs, IT professionals from both the private and public sector attended and participated in the event (Hack - #SS17Hack). The Hackathon challenged innovators to build secure systems and innovative mechanisms for the security sector large bearing in mind the retail, public and financial sectors.

Mentors supervised over the groups and the generation of solutions for first leg of the Hack on 16 May 2017. The prizes were as follows, first prize received R5000, second prized won R2500 and third prize was awarded R1000.

Six groups participated and presented their ideas to the panel of judges on 17 May 2017, after which the winners were announced. Kimberley Natives were first to present followed by Big Data, Joxicraft, SixGig , Stephen and DAM. The panel of four judges critiqued the ideas and further encouraged the participants by acknowledging that their products presented had the potential to be commercialized. The teams were judged strictly on security amendment, innovation and complexity.

Third prize was awarded to Big Data, second place was taken by SixGig and the first prize was won by Joxicraft.

Departmental officials worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. The event was a success and engaged the youth and interrogated the cyber security sector, which is a growing concern to the public, private and retail sectors. Such innovative and critical thinking is essential to the progression of cybersecurity.


The Department of Economic Development and Tourism: Economic Transformation and Empowerment hosted a Round table discussion session at Frances Baard offices on 8th June 2017. The aim of this initiative was to celebrate, support, and empower local business women in the province in partnership with District Municipality and other key stakeholders. Bringing together big business, government, SMME’s Township business owners, support agencies and high potential entrepreneurs assist to facilitate industry partnership across all sectors for sustainable job creation and economic growth.

The dynamism of women entrepreneurs is a positive force that is growing at a tremendous rate and should be encouraged at every opportunity. It is often said that women are better at managing small businesses because they are more organized - after all they also have experience in managing their families, and managing their businesses is seen as an extension of that. In many instances they have proven that they are creative, good at people management, team work and negotiation. The sad part is that most women are not exposed to bigger opportunities and information sharing seems to be the problem causing this. The first part will be to skill and educate our women so that they must be ready for when business opportunities are presented in the province, they must be in a position to participate.

Mr Darrel Christians, an Executive Manager from the department gave a brief background on the history of our NC economy and where it is now. He further alluded on the business opportunities which women can take advantage of in the province. The event was graced by stakeholders namely SEDA, SEFA, NYDA and the mines sharing what their institution stands for and how they can assist women moving forward in business. It is in such platforms that business and government come together to assist in women empowerment and contributing to economic growth.


The premier of the Northern Cape Mrs Sylvia Lucas invited all Departments, the police and the community, to join hands and fight the violence against woman and children, the event happened on the 1st of June 2017 at the circle near Pick and Pay in Galeshewe.

Acting Provincial Commisioner Maj-Gen Koliswa Otola said the rate of rape and sexual abuse is a serious concern where the community and the police have to work together to fight this violence, she mentioned some of the successful cases that they had, an example which was made of Cornelius Julies who got life sentences for rape.

The Premier Mrs Sylvia Lucas urged those who are victims of these acts to break the silence, report those perpetrators to the police, she said the gender based violence is not the issue for the police, is not an issue for the social workers, it’s not a government issue and it’s not only a woman issue, it affects all of us, the police cannot be everywhere at all times but somewhere at a given time a member of the community is at a place where violence or any crime is committed, her plead therefore is that the community work with the police and report those crimes so that those perpetrators can be dealt with, she further urged officials to carry on wearing black on Thursday in supporting the fight against woman and children abuse. 


The Northern Cape Province is pulling out all the stops to wow visitors to Africa’s leading travel trade show in Durban from 16 – 18 May.  

 At the 2017 INDABA, the Northern Cape showcased not only their exceptional leisure tourism opportunities, but also their burgeoning incentive travel portfolioINDABA is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and one of the top three ‘must visit’ events of its kind on the global calendar. 

It showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa's best tourism products and attracts international buyers and media from across the world. INDABA is owned by South African Tourism and organised by Pure Grit Project and Exhibitions Management (Pty) Ltd. 

The Board Chairperson of the Northern Cape Tourism Authority, Mr Collin Fortune indicated that the Northern Cape offers an unsurpassable selection of tourism offerings.  “The Northern Cape offers visitors extreme nature, extreme culture and extreme adventure and each of our five regions has its own unique character and charm.  Due to its geographical spread, the Northern Cape is a province that celebrates its diversity and as such appeals to a wide tourism audience,” He said. 

President Jacob Zuma visited one of the Northern Cape exhibitors Ms Mpho Cornelius,  from the Workshop Ko Kasi, an African Spa and a Township Café based in Mothibistad, Kuruman.

In recent years, the Northern Cape has become one of Southern Africa’s fastest growing business destinations. The splendid natural beauty of the province combines with the renowned hospitality of its people and value-added packages make the Northern Cape an appealing destination to the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) market.  

The province offers world-class accommodation and eventing facilities, convenient transport, logistics, communications and financial services to suit every requirement for meetings, conferences, events and exhibitions.  In addition, the myriad of incentive activities and value-for-luxury propositions throughout the province have proven irresistible to the ever-growing incentive market.

DEDaT Hosts a Business Information Session in Namakwa

As the new economy generation of young people in South Africa Today, we are generally exposed to more options for self-and independent-employment than our parents were. We have greater freedom, many choices, and are more autonomous, yet, in comparison, our life and business experience is limited. In our new millennium, we live in a world of almost instant everything, but we face unprecedented economic and social realities, and are further confronted by an increasingly fast-paced, complex, and unpredictable business world. Mentoring can provide much needed support and guidance to help SMME’s to become successful in their own businesses, while, to some extent the SMME’s may be educated or knowledgeable about certain disciplines, without having had the opportunities to apply their academic training and gain experience, there is often a lack of many skills and the requisite maturity needed to survive in business.

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDaT) through the Youth and Disability unit held an information session in the Namakwa region on the 28-30 March 2017. The aim of the information session was to inform the students at the Namakwa College of the services offered by the department and the opportunities they can take advantage of. Students from the Entrepreneurial Developmental Skills class were enlightened on how SMME’s contribute to the economy, reducing unemployment and urged to take advantage of the opportunities offered by government in to tapping into the business world. Ms Seta De Vos explained to the class the process, the requirements and the opportunities of establishing a Cooperative.

One of the requirements of the class to qualify in the fields they are studying for is to complete a lucrative business plan. The team encouraged the learners not only to see it as one of the requirements but also as an opportunity. Ms Moalekwa informed the learners that there will be a competition run by Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) in partnership with the department where they will be looking for good quality business plans and see how they will support that business idea. A good business plan is essential in supporting a good business idea and for grant funding. Grant funding services is aimed at assisting the start of a business or in the upgrading of the business. Ms Moalekwa also encouraged the learners in starting their own business and visiting the SEDA offices to enquire more about the registration process.

“I am already in the business of selling clothes to the community but we are not registered. My brother and I buy clothes from Johannesburg and Cape Town and sell to the locals. We have already established a clientele and so far the business is doing really well. I have enrolled in the Entrepreneurial Skills course to enhance my skills as a business person. I have also identified a need of entertainment in our community. There are no recreational activities where the youth can keep them busy. I am so happy that the department has taken this time to share such valuable information as it will give us guidance in what to do.” Said Andisiwe Mdlalana, a student at the Namakwa College.

Ms Wildemans and Ms Dennis continued to encourage the learners to look at the business opportunities emphasising on the future growth and development of our economy. Wished them all the best in the future endeavours.


Excitement and jubilation was in the air amongst the senior citizens, who attended the “Gogo on tour” expedition on 08 – 09 February 2017 at the Big Hole Protea Hotel in Kimberley.

It all started with the founder, Gogo Thokozile Matjokane, who’s dream it was to travel the world. This inspired Matjokane to found her NGO, Gogo on Tour in 2012, which would see her travelling with pensioners to see the world. Gogo on Tour is a free travel club for the elderly and has since garnered members throughout the country.

Gogo on Tour has now partnered with South African Tourism Nationally, tour operator Siyavaya Tours and the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism. This event aims to reach 1000 elderly citizens throughout the country.  

The Northern Cape is the seventh province to host this social tourism initiative, under the theme “Tourism for all.”

The senior citizens from Barkly West, Warrenton, Gaska and Bophelong old age home, were treated to a tour around the Big Hole, visits around the diamond city, a guest lodge stay and pampering with foot and back massages by Bloem Spa. A truly delightful experience for our elderly, in the comfort of our beautiful province.

The event was successful in showcasing that tourism is indeed inclusive of the elderly, proving that tourism is affordable and accessible to everyone, so let’s all “experience the Northern Cape”.



The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDaT) celebrated International Tourist Guide Day, on 28 March 2017 at Horsershoe Motel, in the form of a workshop. The day was celebrated with learners from different schools who do Tourism as a subject as well as tourist guides and tourism officials from DEDaT, with the theme “Peace and development through dialogue”.

According to Ms Wilson, Executive Manager of Tourism at DEDaT, “the celebrations sought to create awareness about tourist guiding. It also provided a platform for the recognition of tourist guides who have excelled in their profession. The tourism industry continues to play an important role in the South African economy and its impact on the gross domestic product (GDP)”.

The day is celebrated annually and was first introduced by the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association in 1990, where 15 countries participated. Twenty three (23) years later, this day is celebrated by tourist guides in more than 75 countries.

Talks were given to learners to explain the importance of the tourism sector in the economy, existing tourism opportunities and the tourist attractions in the province. 
According to Mr Mokhele from DEDaT, “learners have only the Tourism theory that they are taught at schools, as a Department we wanted to create a platform where learners get exposed to how we as government promote tourism in the province, the career opportunities available in tourism and we wanted them to engage with tourist guides who excel in the business in Northern Cape”.

After the workshop the learners were taken on a tour to Maggersfontein Battlefield and the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre The Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art centre, is a rock engraved site with visitors centre on the land owned by the !Xun and Khwe San situated about 16km from Kimberley.

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