Office of the HOD

Acting HOD: Mr. T. Mabija

PA: Ms. U. Ngomane
Tel: 053 839 4002
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  • Promote and support the mining, mineral and ICT sector; 
  • Advise on infrastructure for economic growth; 
  • Facilitate the implementation of the New Growth Path and relevant outcomes;
  • Promote sustainable enterprise and industry development;
  • Develop and implement provincial economic policies and models;
  • Identify and support high impact and sustainable investment projects that create sustainable jobs;
  • Promote the development of the manufacturing sector and Increase revenue collection;
  • Promote and support the SMME sector;
  • Facilitate and enhance effectiveness of BBBEE policies;
  • Identify and support BBBEE opportunities;
  • Identify and support SMME opportunities;
  • Identify and support preferential procurement initiatives and opportunities;
  • Promote government economic and development policies and strategies; 
  • Ensure effective departmental participation in all intergovernmental forums;
  • Improve access to knowledge and workforce productivity in the SMME’s and Identify skills needs and provide for targeted skills development.

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