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Name: Heidi Dipico
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To provide legal advisory services and to ensure legislative compliance in the department.


  1. Conduct research that will provide information and Case Law relevant to a specialized matter.
  2. Provide an opinion on how specific cased should be approached to obtain desirable outcomes.
  3. Conduct dispute resolution in specialized fields of law, prepare awards and provide advice and guidance, which is legally sound / justifiable.
  4. Conducting consultation with clients in order to determine client’s goals  and objectives.
  5. Drafting and amending legislation.
  6. Drafting complex legal documents, which includes contracts, trust documents, legal opinions etc.
  7. Instituting claims on behalf of the state, including the enforcing court orders.
  8. Liaising with the State Attorney’s Office, as well as private attorneys with regard to legal matters relating to the Department.
  9. Handling complex and specialized investigations.
  10. Collecting data and information analyse and translate information into  knowledge for planning; decision making and management reporting.








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