Our Service Standards


We provide the following Services to our clients;

  1. Payments to suppliers within 30 days of receipt of invoice and  valid documentation
  2. Registration of suppliers within 5 working days after receipt of complete registration documentation.
  3. Facilitate Business plan development and appraisals -  Feedback within 30 working days
  4. Facilitate new business registrations - Referral letter to a registration institution issued within 1 working day.
  5. Facilitate access to finance -   Feedback on financial application provided within 2 months after receipt of application.
  6. Facilitate business skills development - Business skills development provided to SMMEs quarterly.
  7. Export readiness assessments - Feedback on the outcome of the assessment provided within 2 working days
  8. Investor facilitation and attraction - Monthly consultation with investors and funders
  9. Protection of consumer rights - Cases resolved within 90 days of receipt.
  10. Economic policy advisory services and alignment of DGDS and IDPs - Value adding economic policy advisory services
  11. ICT skills development for SMME’s - Accredited industry related ICT skills development
  12. Tourist guides registration within 30 working days
  13. Tourism skills development - Accredited training which is endorsed by the tourism enterprise partnership
  14. Advice on grading of tourism establishments - Enquiries  responded to within 7 working days
  15. Tourism experience and support municipalities and communities - Sound advice provided within 7 working days and assessment within 90 working days


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