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Name:Mr. Tsietsi Titipane
Tel:053 831 4000
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To provide security services and to provide effective and efficient records management systems in  accordance with prescribed legislation.
Functions : 
  1. Ensure physical, assets, property and information security within the department.
  2. Conduct records survey in order to identify all records series and the extend of their  use to form records management programme.
  3. Centralize and implement effective flow of information.
  4. Advise management on the dissemination and handling of all classified information.
  5. Develop and maintain a systemic disposal programme.
  6. Implement and monitor procedures as stipulated in PAIA.             
  7. Implement Records Manangement and Registry procedure manual.           
  8. Manage all information in compliance with National Archives Act for security purposes.
  9. Advise the department on  nature of the information provided to the public through PAIA.
  10. Implemention and usage of records classification system as approved by Archives.         
  11. Ensure file security compliance as stipulated in the MISS policy and Implement MISS (Minimum information Security Standards) in the department. 
  12. To develop and imlement a security policy for the department.             
  13. Where a departmental threat exists, liase with all relevant security agencies to protect the interests of the department. 


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