Economic Empowerment

Name: Ms. Stella Mutyorauta
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Purpose : 
To promote, support and facilitate economic empowerment of the previously disadvantaged groups through the facilitation and co-ordination of BBBEE initiatives and promotion of preferential procurement.


Functions : 

  1. Develop a framework for the provincial BBBEE strategy.
  2. Promote economic opportunities for women, youth and persons with disabilities within the province.
  3. Facilitate Partnerships with established business.
  4. Develop and maintain strategic relations with other Enterprise
  5. Support institutions and State Owned Entities (SOE’s).
  6. Monitor and report on progress with regard to target group empowerment to relevant watchdogs and oversight bodies. 
  7. Participate in national and provincial initiatives aimed at speeding up transformation.
  8. Facilitate socio-economic partnerships for economic empowerment of social transformation target groups.
  9. Implementation and management of the Preferential Procurement Initiatives in key sectors of the Provincial Economy.

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