The Department of Economic Development and Tourism: Economic Transformation and Empowerment hosted a Round table discussion session at Frances Baard offices on 8th June 2017. The aim of this initiative was to celebrate, support, and empower local business women in the province in partnership with District Municipality and other key stakeholders. Bringing together big business, government, SMME’s Township business owners, support agencies and high potential entrepreneurs assist to facilitate industry partnership across all sectors for sustainable job creation and economic growth.

The dynamism of women entrepreneurs is a positive force that is growing at a tremendous rate and should be encouraged at every opportunity. It is often said that women are better at managing small businesses because they are more organized - after all they also have experience in managing their families, and managing their businesses is seen as an extension of that. In many instances they have proven that they are creative, good at people management, team work and negotiation. The sad part is that most women are not exposed to bigger opportunities and information sharing seems to be the problem causing this. The first part will be to skill and educate our women so that they must be ready for when business opportunities are presented in the province, they must be in a position to participate.

Mr Darrel Christians, an Executive Manager from the department gave a brief background on the history of our NC economy and where it is now. He further alluded on the business opportunities which women can take advantage of in the province. The event was graced by stakeholders namely SEDA, SEFA, NYDA and the mines sharing what their institution stands for and how they can assist women moving forward in business. It is in such platforms that business and government come together to assist in women empowerment and contributing to economic growth.

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