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Community Satisfaction Survey and Efficiency Index conducted in Kuruman

FB IMG 1709218103206On Wednesday, 28 February 2024, the JTG District Office for Policy and Research under the Civilian Oversight directorate conducted a Community Satisfaction Survey and Efficiency Index System Assessment at the Mothibistad Police Station in Kuruman.

The Community Satisfaction Survey was conducted to evaluate the feedback provided by community members regarding the services rendered by the South African Police Service (SAPS), to test the safety measures, as well as the police reaction towards the prevention of crime within the community.

The purpose of the Efficiency Index was to assess the performance of the police, and their achievements through the effective and efficient utilisation of police resources.

The office for Policy and Research has consolidated a written report with recommendations that address the challenges and concerns of the community. The analysed data for the affected station will be released to the Provincial Commissioner for improvements and implementations.

The DTSL Policy and Research unit will continue to monitor and follow-up on the community's responses from the survey outcome, for better service delivery and change.

DTSL Carries Out a GBVF Outreach Programme in Britstown

IMG 20240228 WA002328 February 2024 - The Pixley Ka Seme District Office led a GBVF, Child Prostitution and Child Trafficking Awareness Outreach Programme alongside our stakeholders, Dept of Social Development (DSD), Dept of Health (DoH), Dept of Justice (DoJ) and the South African Police Services (SAPS) at Hoërskool Theron in Britstown.

Britstown, a small town situated in the outskirts of the Pixley Ka Seme district, has sadly succumbed to child trafficking due to the fact that the N12 national road is the entry point into Britstown, in which trucks pass through. The main purpose for this event is to inform and raise awareness to learners about consequential matters bearing on GBVF, Child Prostitution, Teenage Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, Justice and Legislation, Bullying and Safety in Schools.

The programme kick-started with a warm welcome from Mr. Welkom, followed by a short prayer from one of the RCL’s in the school. Sister Raath, a nurse from the Department of Health, spoke to learners on the consequences of falling pregnant at a young and brittle age. In essence, she expressed to learners that they are not financially ready to take responsibility of the infant.

One of the speakers from the Department of Justice, F. Gongolota, expressed her concerns about learners abusing their parents at home, which could ultimately lead to the learner attacking their teachers as well. She also pointed out that some learners bring illegal substances and harmful weapons to school. Ms. Gongalota continued to inform them about the consequences thereof if they are ever found with those weapons.

The programme ended off with a vote of thanks by S. Pakalitha, who continued to express gratitude to the school and the various stakeholders.

Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution Awareness Roadblock on N12 in Britstown

IMG 20240228 WA0030[In Picture] On 28 February 2024, The Pixley Ka Seme District Office partnered with Provincial Traffic Inspectors, South African Police Service (SAPS), Dept. of Health (DOH), Dept. Of Justice (DOJ), Dept. of Social Development (DSD), Community in Blue (CIB) and other safety participants for the Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution Awareness Campaign on the N12 in Britstown.

This action campaign focussed on engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in becoming alert to, and challenging, child prostitution and trafficking in Britstown. The ultimate aim of the Roadblock was to eliminate the practice through engagement with Truck Drivers at the Roadblock.

The roadblock operation resulted in:

Trucks stopped - 75

Vehicles stopped - 93

Searched (both trucks & vehicles) - 55

Traffic fines - 168

The SAPS Organised Crime Unit was also involved in investigating organised crime that surrounded child trafficking. The Department is devoted to combat child trafficking by various local government conventions.

Roundtable Discussion on GBVF, Child Prostitution and Child Trafficking Awareness Community Engagement Programme

20240228 143144The Pixley Ka Seme District Office concluded their three phased programme with a roundtable discussion on Gender Based Violence & Femicide (GBVF), Child Prostitution and Child Trafficking Awareness Programme at the Britstown Community Hall, 28 Febraury 2024.

The aim of the initiative was to provide integrated crime prevention initiatives and partnership for safer community intervention regarding Child Prostitution on the N12, affecting the community of Britstown. The pivot point of this last programme was to engage with the parents and guardians within the community of Britstown regarding the grave nature of child prostitution exploiting the vulnerable youth on the N12 route.

The community was shocked to find out that girls as young as 13 years of age are trafficked. Ms. J Filika, outlined some of the methods that recruiters used to lure children into a trafficking situations which include; forced abductions, luring the children in with payment, being recruited by a trusted individual, and being hooked on drugs. The programme drawn to a close as the elderly were briefed by SASSA regarding Grant's Beneficiary Education and warning signs to identify possible sexual abuse in a child's behaviour.

The DTSL - Civilian Oversight and Frances Baard District Office supports the Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) in Kimberley

IMG 20240221 WA0019[In Picture] 21 February 2024 - The residents of Phutanang were invited to attend the Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) hosted by various stakeholders such as the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison, Department of Social Development, Hawks, SAPS, Thuthuzela Care Centre (NGO), Department of Education, Commission for Gender Equality and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) at the Victory Celebration Church in Kimberley.

The objective of the VEP was to bring awareness on the susceptibility of community members being at risk of Gender Based Violence and Femicide by those known and unknown to them, bullying, human trafficking and to follow -up on NPA reported cases as well as the role played by each stakeholder. Community members engaged on critical issues and listed an array of concerns and challenges plaguing their community amongst a few; the lack of community member’s involvement and participation in crime prevention initiatives, alcohol abuse, GBVF cases and SAPS reported cases. The community members suggested recommendations in order to assist counter GBVF and Human Trafficking.

On that day, community members were empowered with the knowledge on how to address these social ills which continue to ruin the moral and social fabric of our communities. Information guides and pamphlets on GBVF, Human Trafficking and Bullying from various stakeholders were distributed during this initiative. The community members were urged to play an active role and participate in crime prevention initiatives through organised community structures in order to combat crime. Ms. C Bantom on behalf of the Provincial Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) Forum thanked community members for their participation on this programme and all stakeholders present.

In - sourcing of the Northern Cape Security Officers

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True to a commitment made, the Premier Dr. Zamani Saul today launched the In - sourcing of Security Officers, who will be placed under a directorate at the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison. 

Incremental In - sourcing of Security Services will be done over a period of three years. 

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The DTSL Revenue Management Unit Conducts an Operational Planning Session Ahead of the 2024/25 Financial Year

IMG 20240215 WA0015In a sustained effort to effectively enhance revenue, manage the departmental revenue streams and generate sufficient revenue for the Provincial Goverment, the Revenue Management Unit conducted an operational planning session on 15 February 2024, at the Provincial Treasury in Kimberley. This was to reflect on the challenges experienced in the 2023/24 financial year, assess state of readiness for the 2023/24 AG audit and to plan for the new financial year.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mr N. Smouse together with the Head of Revenue Management, Ms K. Paai shared the vision for the unit and charted a way forward on a coherent and sustainable approach in order to have impactful systems and strategies, including addressing challenges to improve the collection rate for the provincial goverment. 

The CFO committed the full support to the unit, and encouraged officials to work together towards maximisation of revenue collection. He further requested officials to follow - up on commitments made from revenue sources, and to implement monitoring mechanisms that will assist in improving the collection rate. The session was attended by CFO - Mr N. Smouse, Ms. K. Paai, the Provincial Treasury Revenue Analyst, Ms G. Chiazodo and the departmental Revenue Unit officials.

The Northern Cape and Free State Law Enforcement Officers Conducts a K78 Roadblock Operation

IMG 20240223 WA0024An Inter-Provincial Corridor roadblock between the Northern Cape and Free - State Provincial Traffic Inspectors, Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA), Military Police, NC /FS- SAPS and the DTSL- Road Safety Unit was carried out on the N8 road between the Northern Cape and Free State border, on 23 February 2024.

The multi-disciplinary operation was aimed at ensuring compliance of road safety standards by public transport.

As part of upscaling our road safety awareness and high law enforcement visibility, the operation further sought to promote responsible road user behaviour, consistent compliance with the rules of the road in order to reduce road crashes and carnages as well as to save lives.

The operation focussed on checking for car defects, valid documentation such as drivers & learners license, Professional Driving Permits (PDP's) Stop and search, illegal substances and weapons amongst a few. The operation resulted in 15 summonses issued including 1 summon, which was a discontinue notice.


Road Safety Education for Learners in Ritchie

IMG 20240223 WA0008The DTSL Road Safety Unit continued on their journey of road safety awareness throughout the province by visiting two primary schools within the Frances Baard district namely, Rietrivier Primary and Kgoane Primary. The unit hosted information sessions conducted by road safety officer Goopalelwe Mogoiwa at each of these schools for all foundation phase learners with the aim of educating all learners on the importance of road safety within their communities and the various rules of the road users and pedestrians have to abide by.

DTSL leads a Round Table Discussion event on GBVF in Van Zylsrus.

IMG 20240214 WA0022

14 February 2024 - The Civilian Oversight unit, together with the John Taolo Gaetsewe District Office, conducted a round table discussion to engage on pivotal matters regarding GBVF, at the Van Zylsrus Full Service School.

The aim of this event is to educate the community of Van Zylsrus about crucial steps to prevent and aid against GBVF. Community members were given an opportunity to share their grievances and concerns pertaining to GBVF, SAPS reported cases, and other social issues. Furthermore, SAPS briefed the community members on various preventative measures regarding GBVF, as it is known to be a scourge that needs collective intervention.

One characteristic of GBVF is that has no boundaries and can affect any person irrespective of their gender, sexuality, socio-economic background and age-group. One of the speakers, SGT. Chankane, urged and pleaded with community members not to protect perpetrators of GBVF, but to contact SAPS, in order to open a case. She emphasised the importance of obtaining a protection order against the perpetrator. In order to fight against the GBVF scourge, it will require a community-based, multi-pronged approach and a sustainable engagement with multiple stakeholders.

The event was attended by the departmental stakeholders known as South African Police Service (SAPS), Department of Health officials (DoH), Community Policing Forum (CPF), EPWP volunteers, Youth Against Crime (YAC) and Community in Blue (CIB).

The Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison hosts, "Road Safety Education and Substance Abuse" programmes at local schools in Jan-Kempdorp.

FB IMG 1707390949796[In Picture]31 January 2024 - The DTSL Frances Baard district office and Road Safety unit joined forces with our various stakeholders (SAPS, LoveLife, CPF and DSD) embarked on a journey by visiting three different schools in Jan-Kempdorp. These three schools include Valspan Primary School; Valspan High School and Jan-Kemp Dorp Primary School. The aim of this program is to educate learners and to raise awareness on the negative impact crime has in our communities.

MEC Bloem joins PC Otola to the SAPS Back to school outreach programme in Mecwetsaneng

IMG 20240208 WA0009

08 February 2024 - The MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison - Nomandla Bloem joined the Provincial Commissioner of SAPS Lt.Gen, K.C Otola, together with the Deputy Provincial Commissioner-Major Gen. Lekhele, for the SAPS Back to School Campaign to hand over school shoes to learners at Mecwetsaneng Primary School in the John Taolo Gaitsiwe District.

The multi - grade school which comprises of only 72 learners is remotely situated in the rural confines of Kuruman, in which school based needs and academic resources are a huge challenge, however the school serves as a beacon of hope, and a path to a better life for many learners.

The school principal, Ms Modise, highlighted a few challenges faced by the school; in which other children from the village enters the school premises to attack learners in the school, break ins, substance use, learner drop outs, school based needs. She expressed her sincere gratitude for the visit as this noble gesture will impact the learners in a positive way.

MEC Bloem, PC Otola and DPC Lekhele, handed over 80 pairs of school shoes to the school principal, to distribute to each and every learner. This outreach programme is part of the government intervention to form social compacts; in order to improve access to education, to relieve the plight of underprivileged pupils, and the ongoing commitment in supporting underprivileged pupils in their academic journey through the Back to School initiatives.

MEC Bloem said, “As the government, we must remove obstacles in the way and address safety concerns to promote a conducive learning environment.” She also pleaded with parents and communities to play an active role in ensuring children refrain from partaking in any wrongdoings. MEC Bloem continued to shift attention to learners to address them about illdiscipline, bullying, and the dangers of substance use.

This effort aims to improve the livelihoods of pupils in Mecwetsaneng, and to alleviate some of the challenges faced by pupils in their pursuit to access education. The outreach programme was attended by SAPS Brigadiers, SAPS and CPF members, Kgosi Selao and his committee, Cllr Tshotshe, ward committees, Department of Education officials, SGB members, learners and parents.

The day concluded with a few learners taking fingerprints, as a measure for easy tracing in the event of danger, and a vote of thanks done by Kgosi Selao from the Mecwetsaneng Village, who thanked MEC Bloem and PC Otola, including all stakeholders.

MEC Bloem visits two schools in the JTG district to assess state of readiness for the 2024 academic year


[In Picture] On 17 January 2024- the first day of the 2024 school calendar as learner’s troop back to school, it is also the day that will see the entire Northern Cape -Cabinet deployed to various public schools across the province to ensure learning and teaching commences unabated.

As part of the government's back to school initiative, MEC Nomandla Bloem spent the morning at Langeberg High school and Noordkaap Laerskool in Olifantshoek to ensure these schools kick starts on a positive note. MEC Bloem's visit seeks to ensure that learning and teaching takes place on the first day of school and to take note of any education related challenges and address safety concerns that are a hindrance to learning and teaching ranging from resources, substance use, gangsterism, possession of dangerous weapons, acts of vandalism, bullying and abseentism in a momentum effort to create and promote a conducive learning environment.

MEC Bloem in her address encouraged learners to show commitment and dedication in their schoolwork and to realise the importance of education as it supports their developmental aspirations and to refrain from partaking in any wrongdoings, she also commended educators in ensuring excellence in teaching.

In conclusion, MEC Bloem pleaded with all stakeholders to have a shared responsibility and to work together towards a common goal of ensuring a safe haven for learners to learn and to protect the infrastructure of government.

MEC Bloem was accompanied by the Gamagara Mayor- Mr. Roman, JTG Councilor Motsoara and Councilor Jafta, DTSL- Ministry-Acting HOM- Ms. Molefi and JTG District staff, DOE circuit manager- Ms. Johannes, SAPS Brigadier Kopeledi, JTG CPF, Community in blue, SAPS members and in attendance was the Principal- Mr. Roestoff- Langeberg High school and Mr. Vries- Noordkaap Laerskool, Educators, JTG SADTU union representative- Mr. Matlala, Pastor Botha, SGB members and parents.


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