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As the 2010 FIFA world cup date draws closer, it is expected of the country and Provinces to begin in earnest to prepare for the world's biggest sporting event. It is also incumbent upon us to ensure that all our people have access to this game targeting the most deprived in the country.

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We must capitalize on the immense power that sports enjoys to unite communities and promote greater patriotisms amongst the diverse cultures of our society.

In the summer of 2006, millions of people experienced the FIFA World Cup together at public locations throughout Germany and transformed the host country into a month-long celebration.

The public viewing events became a symbol of power and charisma of football, the pictures of the millions of fans from all over the world celebrating at public places across the entire country (Germany) was the image that went around the globe.

Programme Director,

To ensure that the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be another unforgettable, massive football festival for all South Africans, the broadcast for this event is made free of charge. Thanks to the support of the Official Broadcast Partner in South Africa, SABC, no licences will be required to project the matches.

An event/area is considered a Public Viewing Event/Public Viewing Area if, at such an event/area, broadcast coverage of the Competition (in this instance the Confederations Cup) is made available for exhibition to, and viewing by an audience (whether members of the general public or otherwise) in any place other than a private dwelling, including at cinemas, bars, restaurants, stadia, open spaces, offices, construction sites, oil rigs, water borne vessels, buses, trains, armed services establishments, educational establishments and hospitals.

PVA’s are permanent or temporary spaces set aside within a community that provides an alternative to actually being at the event. They allow the general public to participate and experience the atmosphere of the stadiums when finances and location often make it difficult for many people to travel to the host city and obtain tickets. PVA’s are intended to offer a secure environment and foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for local businesses and employment, as well as sponsorship opportunities to generate additional revenue.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

PVA’s will provide the people of the Northern Cape with the opportunity to participate in both the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. It is probably the most cost-effective way of ensuring mass participation in both the Confederations Cup and the 2010 World Cup. Rekindling, nurturing and galvanizing the nation behind one goal namely support for the Senior Men’s National Team, “Bafana Bafana”, and other National teams behind the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It will also give families and friends the opportunity to rally behind the South African team as a collective.

Sport is recognized and acknowledged as a key contributor to economic development in towns and regions. The case for the “economy of sport” in South Africa has gained significant momentum with the preparations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Commercial and Non-Commercial PVA’s will also provide opportunities for the local community to benefit from the 2010 World Cup through the sale of arts, crafts, event merchandise, performances on stage, etc. It is thus imperative for our SMME’s to take full advantage of the opportunities that PVA’s present, especially during the World Cup.

We have several PVA’s operational throughout the Province.

  • We have this permanent one here at the Mayibuye Centre which has been running for the last fourteen days. We had a record crowd of 1300 people attending the Bafana Bafana versus Italy match last Saturday.
  • We have set up a huge Marquee, which can accommodate 2000 people with big screen at the Danie Kuys Stadium in Upington, which is managed by the Khara Hais local municipality. We have had maximum attendance there for all the South African matches.
  • We had a PVA set up in Bergsig in Namaqualand for the South Africa versus Italy match and will have one running in Okiep for the semi-finals and final match, which is taking place on Sunday, 28 June 2009.

These PVA’s serve as a test run for the 2010 World Cup and will help us to assess what form of PVA works best in our Province. It also gives us an idea as to where the biggest need for PVA’s are at. We certainly would like to see more PVA’s in our small and rural towns during the 2010 World Cup.

PVA’s build a sense of community and unity of working together of patriotism. That is why we are all gathered here at the Mayibuye Centre today. We are here to ensure that we put our collective energy behind our national team to ensure that they do us proud tonight in their game against Brazil.

The Provincial Government has requested all District Municipalities to ensure that they set up at least one PVA per district. We will be encouraging Corporates to do likewise.

Mayibuye has become our PVA flagship and has set the stage for the role out of similar PVA’s throughout the Province in preparation for 2010. We as Government are committed to seeing as many people possible participating in “the beautiful game”.

I thank you

Baie Dankie


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