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Profile : Dr Zamani Saul

Dr Zamani Saul has been inaugurated as Premier of the Sixth Administration of the Northern Cape Government after the African National Congress (ANC) achieved success in the 2019 General Elections. Dr Saul brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and has grown and progressed through the structures of the congress movement from Congress of South African Students (COSAS), South African Student Congress (SASCO), ANCYL to branch, regional and provincial leadership positions in the ANC. He holds a Doctor of Laws in Public Law and Jurisprudence (UWC) and is currently working on his second Doctorate. He also holds two Masters Degrees (LLM and Masters in Development Studies), B. Proc Degree (UWC) as well as a NQF level Certificate in Social Theory (Wits University).
Early in his career he worked as a Candidate Attorney and progressed to work as the Regional Head of Social Security, Head of Ministry and Municipal Manager. Dr Saul possesses a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge of public administration.

Dr Saul got involved in political activism at a very early age with the Petrusville Youth Congress and later with the Petrusville Civic Movement. As COSAS leader in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s he represented COSAS in the National Education Coordinating Committee (NECC). In 1992 he was trained and employed as a para-legal by Petrusville Advice Centre specialising in the protection of farm workers against illegal farm evictions. During the same period he was elected as the first ANC branch secretary in Petrusville after the unbanning of the political party.

He served in the SACP Western Cape Provincial Ideology Committee from 1994 - 1996 and simultaneously served as the chairperson of the UWC SACP branch. He served in the Pixley ka Seme REC and the Regional Working Committee. He was elected to the ANC PEC in 1998 as an additional member and was also appointed as Head of Political Education. In 2004 he was elected as the ANC Deputy Provincial Secretary and in 2008 as the ANC Provincial Secretary. He is currently serving as the Provincial Chairperson of the ANC and as a result, serves as the ex-officio member of the ANC National Executive Committee.

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