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EPWP Launch

MEC Martha Bartlett's address at the EPWP Launch

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The year 2014, marks the 20th anniversary of our Freedom and Democracy in South Africa. After 20 years of democracy we can clearly state that South Africa is a much better place to live in than it was in 1994 and together we have improved millions of lives of our people.

As we enter the second phase of our transition from Apartheid to a National Democratic Society, we have to embark on radical socio-economic transformation to address the triple challenges; poverty, unemployment and inequality.

In most cases these triple challenges is the main cause for the moral decay in our communities which leads to crime, social challenges and issues affecting the safety within communities.

Government have put in place a programme of action, based on the ANC’s Manifesto and the National Development Plan.

President Jacob Zuma announced in his State of the Nation Address on 17 June 2014 that in this programme, economy will take centre stage. I quote “It is our strong belief that the most effective weapon in the campaign against poverty, is the creation of decent work, and that it requires faster economic growth”.

Government has since 2004 run the successful Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) which provides work opportunities and training for the unemployed. The new phase of the EPWP will provide six million work opportunities by 2019.

EPWP is a nationwide programme covering all spheres of government and state-owned enterprises.  This programme provides an important avenue for labour absorption and income transfers to poor households in the short to medium-term. It is also a deliberate attempt by the public sector bodies to use expenditure on goods and services to create work opportunities for the unemployed. 

The Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison contributed to job creation and skills development in the past financial year by appointing 30 Road Safety Council Volunteers through the EPWP program. 

Ladies and Gentleman, we have launched to Northern Cape Provincial Crime Prevention Strategy on the 12th of September 2013 and made a clear commitment that this document won’t lie around and gather dust, but will be implemented. This document, together with the National Development Plan and the Manifesto Framework on Gender Based violence will ensure that all of our vulnerable groups such as women, children and the elderly in our rural communities must enjoy equal protection through effective and coordinated involvement of the police, business and civil society in general.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Northern Cape Provincial Crime Prevention Strategy is in action. I am pleased to announce that the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison will appoint 400 to 500 safety volunteers over a period of five years to create jobs and eliminate poverty. A stipend will also be paid to the safety volunteers on a monthly basis.

These volunteers will be equipped with basic training and skills to be a central component in Service of Community Safety, in line with the Department’s vision and mission.

Program Director, as part of the Provincial Crime Prevention Strategy, the EPWP safety volunteers will be responsible for social crime prevention programmes in collaboration with Community Police Forums (CPF’s), SAPS Social Crime Prevention Coordinators, Regional Managers and Fieldworkers of the department and the community at large.

Their programmes will focus on substance abuse, public spaces, no violence against women and children, accountability meetings, road safety and transport operations. Training will be provided on these focus areas by the Department.

Ladies and Gentleman, thus far we have finalized the selection process of 400 EPWP safety volunteers for the 2014/2015 financial year. These safety volunteers are recruited and deployed at the focus priority police stations throughout the Northern Cape.

Through this action, we are emphasizing that the safety of each and every one is a basic right. When communities do not feel safe and live in fear, the Country’s economic development and the people’s well-being are affected, hindering their ability and potential.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have registered this special project in conjunction with the support of the National Department of Public Works, the Department of Roads and Public Works and the South African Police Service.

Most of these safety volunteers will be drawn from all sectors of our society in the Northern Cape.

The Northern Cape Provincial Government will continue to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans through the creation of decent work and serving the most vulnerable.

As we continue to strive for a better life for all, we further recommit ourselves to the achievement and implementation of our objectives as informed by our policy mandates as we move South Africa forward.

It is my plea, that the safety volunteers will assist us to mobilize all stakeholders including the community in fighting the scourge of crime in our society.

I want to end with one of the many famous quotes by Nelson Mandela, and I quote; “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do”.

I thank you

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