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Acceptance Speech by Premier Sylvia Lucas 21 May 2014

Acceptance Speech by The Premier Of The Northern Cape, Mrs Sylvia Lucas, on the occasion of the election of the Premier of the Province held on 21 May 2014 in The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature in Kimberley

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  • The Speaker and Deputy Speaker
  • Members of the Provincial Legislature
  • Members of the National Council of Provinces
  • Judge Celine C Williams
  • Alliance Partners
  • Representatives of Political Parties
  • The Director General, Heads of Department and Government Officials
  • Representatives of Institutions Supporting Democracy
  • The Mayors and Speakers of Frances Baard District and Sol Plaatje Local Municipalities
  • Representatives of Faith-based Organisations
  • Representatives of the Business Sector
  • Traditional Leaders
  • Veterans of the Struggle for Liberation
  • Comrades, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen

With the divine grace of the Lord Almighty and under the custodianship of our glorious movement, the African National Congress, kindly allow me Ladies and Gentlemen, to extend my deep gratitude to the leadership, membership, volunteers and supporters of the ANC who have bestowed on me the noble honour of assuming the Premiership of our home Province, the Northern Cape. I am humbled that you would place your faith and trust in me. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, and will endeavor to represent you with the utmost transparency and boldness.

In my unconditional acceptance of this honour, I would like to thank the Almighty GOD, my family, friends, my church and spiritual leaders, for their ongoing and unwavering support they have given me. To my husband and life partner, Job Lucas, and my children, note that no amount of words will capture the heartfelt thanks I extend to you all.

Mr Speaker, it is for the second instance within a year, where I stand before this House to accept this honour with deep humility, unending gratitude and resolute confidence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the confidence I speak of is not mine alone, but that of my colleagues on the Executive Council, that of government officials and above all, the people through the length and breadth of our beloved province. Together with you, I am confident that we will move the Northern Cape forward, and indeed our country. It is through this collective confidence, that we as the Governing Party, will always have a good story to tell. We will always cater for the need of our communities, and indeed we will always strive for equity and fairness in all facets of our collective endeavour as government. The people of the Northern Cape can rest assured that we will not fail them.

Above all, Speaker, I am extremely mindful that almost two thirds of the electorate in this province gave the African National Congress the mandate to implement its policies in the Northern Cape and we will be unflinching in our roll-out of those policies.

In expressing my humble appreciation of honour that has been conferred upon me by the African National Congress to lead our Provincial Administration for the next five years, I extend a hand of principled co-operation to the smaller parties in this house to join us in our developmental mission so that they, too, could one day have a good story to tell!  On the other hand do not mistake this gesture for weakness, for we will not be derailed by pettiness, bickering and grand standing.

Mr Speaker, in all humility and frankness, my assumption of this high office is not recognition for me personally, but must also be seen as an honour to the sacrifices for which many people, including those belonging to my generation and before me, had to endure in the struggle for the liberation of our Motherland.

Ladies and Gentlemen, indeed the time has come to put behind the feelings of negativity, complacency and despair, and to start working as a collective so that our shared destiny is one of success and prosperity. We extend a hand of friendship to every citizen of the Northern Cape to join us in further building our Province.

Once again, Mister Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen, I express my deep appreciation to the African National Congress and the people of the Province for your unwavering support as I commit myself and the incoming Executive Council to do everything in our power to live up to your expectations.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

I Thank You

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