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The Standard Bank Programme

Briefing-Points for Premier of The Northern Cape, Ms Sylvia Lucas, on the occasion of The Standard Bank Programme, Saturday 26 July 2014, Lerato Place of Safety


Programme Director,
MEC for Social Development, Mr Mxolisi Sokatsha
Management of Standard Bank
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Northern Cape Government, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Standard Bank for their laudable effort to create a safer and environmentally friendly place for the juveniles at the Lerato Place of Safety.

I believe that this generous endeavour by Standard Bank will go a long way to improve the wellbeing of the juvenile of the Lerato Place of Safety with the objective of helping them to take control of their own lives and build a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

Programme Director, this clearly demonstrates that Standard Bank is fully committed to the future growth and development of not only the Company, but also to help develop positive attitudes of the young people toward work and responsibility.

It is clear intent of Standard Bank of contributing significantly to the social upliftment and wellbeing of the people in the community where it operates.

Programme Director, my message to all the juveniles is that we are here because we care about your future and we want you to lead productive lives when you live this place. We have to create a culture that will motivate you to become law-abiding and productive citizens that needs to take back your rightful place in the community. We urge you to, ‘Grasp the opportunity before you - such opportunities are rare. Your destiny is in your hands... Make this the turning point in your life.

We are developing this kind of institution because we have confidence in what you can become.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

If the improvement of places of safety is to succeed in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and development, we must foster co-responsibility for personal development and growth on the part of juveniles themselves as well as their families.

Young people themselves must play their part. Through dedication, hard work and commitment you can help yourselves. In doing so you will also help counter the atmosphere of entitlement that is too often leading young people to abuse what we are doing to equip our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow’.

You must also focus on accessing education rather than being involved in continued criminal activities. Tata Nelson Mandela once said that education is the great engine of personal development.

Programme Director, we all need to join hands to rescue our youngsters and transform them into worthy and respected citizens of our province because we owe it to them and we owe it to ourselves.

They are part of our society's problem and rejecting them is not going to solve the problem of crime. They are human beings too; they are our sons and daughters who might have disappointed us. They have the right to a chance to unlock their potential to better themselves.

Tata Nelson Mandela had many teachers in his life, but the greatest of them all was prison. Prison moulded the man we came to see and know. He learned about life and leadership from many sources: from his rather distant father; from the king of the Thembu, who raised him like his son; from his stalwart friends and colleagues Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo; from historical figures and heads of state like Winston Churchill and Haile Selassie; from the words of Machiavelli and Tolstoy. But the twenty seven years he spent in prison became the crucible that both hardened him and burned away all that was extraneous. Prison taught him self-control, discipline, and focus – the things he considers essential to leadership – and it taught him how to be a full human being’.

I hope that all of you will emulate the good deeds of Tata Mandela and follow in his footsteps.

Take up the challenge and earn your rightful places in the community. Your success will open the way for many others to rebuild their lives and to help build our nation.

I hope and trust that all of you will respond positively to efforts aimed at mending your young lives and preparing you to be worthy and valuable citizens.

I thank you


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