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Congregation of the Church

Address by the Premier of the Norhern Cape, Ms Hazel Jenkins, on the occasion of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

23 MAY 2010

Allow me to express my profound gratitude for the invitation to be here with you today. It is indeed a great honour for me to bring greetings on behalf of the provincial government to the congregation of the church.

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The Church, like all other institutions of civil society, must help all South Africans to rise to the challenge of freedom and democracy. The church has a crucial role to play in the task of building the nation and ensuring that we achieve the ideals of the creation of a non-racial, non sexist, prosperous and democratic South Africa. With its long history of involvement in development projects and widespread infrastructure, the Church is strategically placed to empower our people to take hold of their freedom and work together to transform their conditions.

I ask you to continue to play your prophetic role, always seeking to hold the nation and all its leaders to the highest standards of integrity and service.
We are indeed happy for the divine support by the church .The church stands for hope, truth, justice and peace. We are hopeful that the church will continue to pray for a successful, peaceful and wonderful World Cup.

We are grateful to share with you the joy, passion and excitement of the Fifa World Cup, the first to be hosted on African soil.
We have now noted with pride that in the next 18 days, South Africa will have the honour of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world, the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The FIFA World Cup will be hosted in a developing African Country for the first time in the history of FIFA and the tournament. A legacy that will probably not be repeated in our life-time.

Without the visionary leadership of the ANC, and sacrifices of the masses of our people, South Africa would not be hosting this World Cup. Former President Nelson was instrumental for campaigning for us in achieving the right to host this prestigious tournament.
By securing the right to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa was recognized as a global player, equal among its peers and sufficiently able to participate in hosting this most prestigious international sporting event.

This World Cup is therefore a celebration of our people struggles for freedom, a celebration of our international solidarity and is an honour to those who died.
This World Cup has indeed excited our people and inspired them with a lot of hope. It has unleashed the energy and creativity of all sectors of our society. This soccer world cup has led to the delivery of infrastructure like the stadia, roads, airports, communication systems etc. Such infrastructure created jobs, contributed to the economy and to transformation. But above all, it boosted the morale of the nation, improved our image internationally and contributed immensely towards social cohesion and nation building.
We call on all South Africans, including the religious community and all civil society organisations to continue embracing this project. It is the product of our efforts and an affirmation of our freedom.
We must remind the nation that freedom came at a great price, and that many lost their lives so that we can live in a South Africa where we can wear colours of the national flag with pride and welcome thousands of soccer loving fans, players and administrators from all over the world to this great land.

We firmly believe that the beneficiaries of any proceeds from the World Cup should be the people of South Africa and such proceeds should be directed not to any individuals but to football development.

All the arrangements are in place and we are satisfied that we will deliver a successful, secure and very exciting soccer tournament.
We will be celebrating the fact that South Africa and indeed the entire continent will showcase to the world our dance, music, rich culture and heritage during the FIFA World Cup.

By Now, you should be aware that the Uruguayan National Soccer team have chosen Kimberley to set up their base camp for the duration of the Fifa World Cup. This is an incredible achievement for us because some hosting Cities did not even manage to attract teams to set up base camp in their provinces.

We humbly urge all the people of the Northern Cape to welcome the Uruguayan National Soccer Team and visitors with the unique African experience and hospitality to make them feel safe and secure wherever they go.
Feel the passion and the excitement as the best national soccer teams with the best players challenge for the most coveted soccer trophy in the world on African soil.

I now take the opportunity to encourage those who are able to afford, to buy their World Cup tickets. Those who unable to afford, we have managed to set up five Public Viewing Areas ) PVA’s in the regions to ensure that even people in the most remotest areas of our province should be connected to enjoy the passion and excitement of the world Cup.

This is our time: Ke nako, Let us make it the most memorable World Cup ever.
We urge all our people to unite behind the Fifa World Cup to ensure that it becomes the resounding success that it ought to be. Let us all rally behind Bafana Bafana our national team.

I thank you

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