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Opening of Community Centre in Phutanang

Address by the Premier of the Northern Cape, Ms Hazel Jenkins, on the occasion of the Official Opening of a Community Centre in Phutanang, Galeshewe, 05 April 2011

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Programme Director
Apostle Grace Mtembu
Members of the Congregation
Members of the Community
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is indeed a great pleasure to join you this morning to open the doors to this new Community Centre in Phutanang. While its magnificence is cause enough for celebration, the full significance of what this Community Centre represents extends far beyond its walls and indeed across the Province.
This is an important occasion for members of the Phutanang community who are beaming with pride and are eager to make use of this Community Centre. It is inspiring to see that the work of improving life in our communities remains in very capable hands.

For what we truly celebrate is not this building, but how in turn this building serves as a centre and a home, to bring the help this community so desperately needs. Which is to say, that the time and effort of so many fine and caring individuals working together throughout these past years to create this new community Centre, is impressive not only in its completion, but also for the noble intentions it was created,
In that regard a simple "thank you" to the many volunteers can hardly convey the appreciation you deserve. For that appreciation extends to the future, its value measured not by a physical structure, but lives helped because of your unselfish contributions.

Programme Director, I wish take this opportunity to applaud all the volunteers and all the hard working people connected with this noble project. Your laudable efforts will certainly make a difference to the lives of the community of Phutanang. It is therefore patently evident that the existence of this centre is as a result of sheer hard work and a commitment to improve the plight of our communities.

Today, many of our communities are beset with many social and economic challenges such as the burden of unemployment, HIV/AIDS, crime and violence especially against women and children, alcohol and drug abuse and the neglect of the sick and elderly.

Ladies and Gentlemen ,we have always understood that our government alone will not be able to respond adequately to these enormous challenges that our communities are confronted with. It is through the partnership such as this, between government and all other stakeholders, that we will be able to conquer the ills and deficiencies in our society .

I am convinced that the impact this community centre will have on the lives of the community of Phutanang could be tremendous. Within these hallowed walls, you will spend quality time together. You will learn and acquire new skills through your participation in Community Programmes. You will forge lifelong friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the activities promoted here must serve to attract everyone rather than discourage them. We must continuously revise our activities to cater for the diverse and varying needs of the people which this centre represents.
When we invest in a community centre, it is really investing in the people of the community, in their potential; in their dreams and aspirations; in their hopes and ambitions, both for themselves and for their children.

Moreover,the centre will play a particularly important role in the lives of young people. This community facility therefore represents the countless opportunities which are available to our youth and will, in a two fold way, assist in addressing many of the social ills in our society as well as bringing esteem and pride to the people of Phutanang. In essence, the location of this centre can only add value to the residents of Phutanang.
As we formally open this community centre today, we honour the spirit of the good men and women: - the spirit of resilience, the spirit of get-up-and-do it and persistence, the spirit of love of community, and by extension, the spirit of patriotism and service to our country.

I take the opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to all who helped make today possible: to all the staff and volunteers, and to all the Church and community leaders.

I now have the honour to declare this Community Centre officially open, as it is dedicated to the people of Phutanang.

I thank you
Baie Dankie

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