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Northern Cape Provincial Government welcomes gazetting of Infrastructure Projects

The Premier of the Northern Cape, Dr. Zamani Saul, on behalf of the Northern Cape Provincial Government welcomes the announcement made by the Minister responsible for Public Works and Infrastructure, Ms. Patricia De Lille on the gazetting of additional infrastructure projects. This announcement is of significant importance to the Province as out of the nine (9) projects gazetted this week, four (4) of these projects will be in the Northern Cape.
A major breakthrough is the gazetting of the Boegoeberg green hydrogen programme. This provides for a cluster of projects and investments that can include a harbour, special economic zone, all related investors and investments for instance the Boegoeberg Green Hydrogen 40GW and beyond master plan and the SASOL 5 GW lighthouse investment. This South African Government Strategic Infrastructure Programme (SIP programme), will pave the way for infrastructure development and several other investors to work together post the conclusion of the Boegoeberg 40GW and beyond master plan.

The gazetting of these projects form part of the (SIP) supported by the SIP Act. The regulatory enablement for the SIP programme resides with Minister Patricia De Lille’s Department: Public Works and Infrastructure while the implementation and management component reside in the Presidency led by Minister Mondli Gungubele and Professor Kgosientsho Ramokgopa.

When a project and/or programme is gazetted as a SIP project it is provided for under the SIP Act which makes provision for direct investor and investment support via access to funding, finance and infrastructure support and very important: regulatory compliance requirements assistance. This does not void compliance, but reduces compliance response timelines.
Noting the location of these projects and that they are not only green projects, but also Greenfield projects; the SIP support becomes an absolute prerequisite to ensure the success of these projects.

With the number of policies and projects rapidly expanding around the globe it is worth noting that the Northern Cape became the first Province in the country to launch its Green Hydrogen Strategy at COP 26, wherein is contained fifteen (15) key commitments that are aimed at positioning the Province as a green hydrogen production and distribution hub. The strategy also prioritises job creation, skills development, youth employment and the localised investment potential of green hydrogen. This in itself places the Province one step ahead, and has made forging great partnerships a reality.

Premier Saul reiterates the Province’s commitment to forging formidable partnerships, for the benefit of the people of the Northern Cape, creating jobs and growing the economy remains a priority. Ahead of the official opening of the inaugural Green Hydrogen Summit held in Cape Town recently; the two Premiers from the Northern Cape and Western Cape Provinces signed a Heads of Agreement which sets out the principles and areas of cooperation between the two Governments, regarding the opportunities offered by the development of a green hydrogen economy in South Africa. This trailblazing collaboration is yet another way in which we have demonstrated that working together we can achieve greater.

The Northern Cape Government through its entity, The Northern Cape Economic Development Agency (NCEDA), is hard at work across the country, the African continent and globe actively engaging industry players to look at areas of convergence and partnerships.

The Northern Cape is open for investments aimed at improving the lives of all who live in it.


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