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Welcome address by the Premier to the Armenian delegation

Welcome address by the Premier of the Northern Cape Province, Mrs Hazel Jenkins, on the occasion of the government and business delegation's visit from Armenia to the Northern Cape, 11 April 2011, McGregor Museum, Kimberley

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To our friends and guests from the warm and wonderful country of Armenia; welcome to South Africa; welcome to the Northern Cape; welcome to the Provincial Capital, Kimberley!

As the Provincial Government, a high profile delegation led by myself as Premier, visited Armenia in 2010 with the primary expression to strengthen economic cooperation between our countries.

Some of the main issues were to cooperate on diamond and jewellery manufacturing, cutting and polishing etc. It is our fervent view as reflected in the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy that the Provincial resources in the Province must benefit our communities.
Indeed this programme will do exactly that by ensuring the exchange of technical and administrative skills, Armenia to provide specialised training in the diamond industry and as such which will lead job creation opportunities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, towards the concluding days of our visit to Armenia, I remember remarking to my colleagues on the Northern Cape Executive Council who accompanied me, on the meaningfulness of our visit to Armenia.

Moreover, the hospitality and camaraderie of our hosts was something to behold. It was similar to being at home, comforted in the knowledge that we were in the company of people, of friends, who were keen to share and learn for the benefit of our mutual co-prosperity.
Collaborating under this banner of mutual co-prosperity, our Armenian counterparts eagerly undertook to reciprocate our visit, hence we find, see, and hear them in this venue.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce each one of the delegation to you, namely, Mr. Gagik Abrahamyan, Mr. Neeshal Modi, Mrs. Nelli Harutyunyan and Mr. Bankim Mehta.

I am certain that I speak on behalf of the Northern Cape Executive Council collective and the people of the Province when I say that the honourable work and venture we commenced in Armenia will tangibly be felt in the Northern Cape.
This massive economic cooperation investment programme will undoubtedly help us to write a new chapter in the history of diamond manufacturing, cutting and polishing in the province.
This is just a beginning, Ladies and Gentlemen after this visit, we will be better positioned to offer you finer details of our collaboration in a transparent and public manner.

In concluding, I hope our friends from Armenia enjoy our matchless brand of the Northern Cape hospitality and that they will also visit the numerous historic and naturally wonderful and scenic sights we have to offer.
I am also certain that at the end of this Dinner, our friends would have been ridden of jetlag, for we have a variety of Northern Cape thirst quenchers on offer.

Once again, welcome!

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