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Annual CEO Awards of Excellence: Kimberley Hospital Complex - Background


The first CEO Awards were hosted in October 2000.This is but one of the initiatives driven by the CEO of Kimberley Hospital Complex, in an attempt to boost the morale of the employees.  It is an endeavour to motivate staff by awarding them with prestigious awards as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement for their Excellent Performance.  Private companies and business have embraced the concept and supported it financially in order to make this effort a success. The CEO Awards Function is entirely supported by private sponsorship.

Health Professionals are confronting very difficult and challenging times. The pressure of HIV/AIDS affects staff emotionally and therefore affects their morale. The transformations of the Health Services and the demand for excellent quality services have necessitated Management to take a holistic, robust approach in improving the quality of care. Low staff morale is one of the major contributory factors to the detriment of the quality of are.

The Management of Kimberley Hospital Complex will be hosting its tenth annual Chief Executive Officer Awards for Excellence to give recognition to staff members who perform exceptionally well and to motivate those who under perform. The event is dedicated to the personnel of Kimberley Hospital Complex for their contribution towards patient care and maintaining standards of service excellence.

The objectives for awarding employees are to:

o Instill a culture of achievement and excellence
o Recognise  and reward outstanding performance
o Encourage excellent performance
o Retain competent staff
o Ensure a continuous quality service for the people of the Northern Cape

The process of preparing for the awards functions started as early as March this year.  A task team of about 20 members has been established with a responsibility of consulting all relevant stakeholders, compiling a selection criteria, facilitating the nomination process and logistical arrangements for the total co-ordination of the gala event.  


Two (2) categories have been identified:



+ Staff across all Units

(Clinical, Clinical Support, Administration and Technical Support) and Occupational categories including Professionals and Associate Professionals.

+ Each Clinical Unit will receive awards for the following groups:

# Professional Nurses
# Auxiliary Nurses
# Admin/Ward/Unit Clerks
# General Assistants
# Doctors


After a process of extensive consultation, two questionnaires were developed. One for the staff and another for the patients which were qualitative and quantitative assessment tools.  The criterion for nomination and selection was based on the individuals conduct, interpersonal relations, performance, competencies and commitment.  Various stakeholders (colleagues, managers and customers) had to evaluate the individuals overall performance according to the prescribed criteria.


Questionnaires were given to patients / clients and staff members to nominate the best candidate who qualifies the set criteria.The nomination process was highly confidential, free and fair.

After a sorting and short-listing process, questionnaires of the top three (3) finalists were presented to the Independent Panel comprised of members from legal servises, Unions, Hospital board and Quality Assurance Unit.  This panel was tasked with a responsibility of verifying the results that established the winner and the runner-up.  44 Candidates will receive the CEO Awards this year.  Honorary Awards will be presented for exceptional contributions made by individuals.

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