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On behalf of the Premier of the Northern Cape, Ms Hazel Jenkins, I would like to take this opportunity to convey her sincerest apologies to the Management of Kumba, Staff and all the learners who have participated in this programme for her unavailability to be here with you tonight due to other Executive obligations.

The nurturing of a Positive culture is consistently highlighted as the most significant factor in creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurial activity in any country. The Entrepreneurial skills for Learners is one facet of this positive culture, which celebrates and recognises the achievement of our Learner entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises have emerged as the engine of economic and social development throughout world. The role of entrepreneurship has evolved significantly and is now seen as a requisite ingredient in the global economy - generating employment, growth and stimulating competitiveness.

The vibrancy of the small business sector is critical to South Africa’s future economic success. It is thus encouraging to note that we are planting the seeds at a very early age to ensure that our young people acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, know-how and expertise of entrepreneurship.

Local entrepreneurs also deliver a range of local services to the economic, social and cultural life of the entire community.

At this event we acknowledge the ambition, determination and inventiveness of young entrepreneurs who have taken on the challenge of starting and building competitive businesses.

My advice to these aspiring entrepreneurs is that every entrepreneur experiences dark hours and tough times. They all need support and encouragement, and with the will, the ability and a bit of luck, they will overcome the obstacles and succeed.

As the provincial government, we are very proud about the achievements of the learners, who have acquired much deserved entrepreneurial skills. Indeed the certificates provide a prestigious platform to honour the achievements of school going children with entrepreneurial skills and expertise.

We are confident that these achievements will spur you on to even greater heights, and when you grow up own and manage your own big business successfully.

Programme Director, we also recognise the enormous contribution made by Kumba Resources to provide valuable skills to learners, to prepare and empower them for the world of business. Government is always in support of collaborative initiatives that can make a lasting and real difference in ordinary citizen’s lives.

As you all know, entrepreneurship - defined as the ability to marshal resources in order to seize new business opportunities which have uncertain outcomes - has recently gained renewed importance. Entrepreneurship has become central to economic growth in light of the rapid advancement of information technology and growing importance of knowledge. The new economy now calls for innovative ideas and individual initiative, rather than organizational discipline, adjustability and greater speed in taking decisions, which I must say is what Entrepreneurship is all about.

The renewed importance of entrepreneurship seeks to impart skills and expertise needed to creating healthy business environment and foster growth and innovation for SMEs.

The governments Agenda calls for public, private sector intervention in the economy to ensure that entrepreneurship promotion policies are developed to promote growth and job creation as well as to encourage Small Medium Enterprise (SME) innovation.

Programme Director, we also see this entrepreneurial programme as a creative way to promote new ventures, that can contribute to the wellbeing of our local communities. This must serve as a stepping stone to greater things to come.

Government support to entrepreneurs is likewise very evident in the promotion of SMME’s. This is also encouraged through the small and medium enterprise incubation centers.

Business incubation is a dynamic process of business enterprise development for the purpose of nurturing young firms, new products and technologies. These incubators provide space, facilities, hands-on management assistance and access to technologies and financing to

Clients, helping them to survive and grow during the start-up period.

I believe that the entrepreneurial talent of a business person can be nurtured with the right environment. This does not only refer to the legal and regulatory framework nor the financial resources and institutions nor training programs of a country for entrepreneurs. Equally important

are the business practices and social attitudes of the country on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Studies show that countries that have recognized entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship have generally showed better economic performance in these challenging times.

In those countries, developing entrepreneurship does not only mean changing the mindset of business persons but also the attitude of society towards them. Entrepreneurs can only become more successful in a society that embraces positive aspects of entrepreneurship.

The evolution of the global economy offers potentially boundless opportunities for ambitious enterprises.

To all the Learners that will be receiving the certificates tonight, you all display an excellent entrepreneurial vision and a belief in the importance of what you are doing. It is satisfying to note that many you have been supported and encouraged by the Kumba Resources enterprise division.

I wish you all success for all your future endeavours and good-luck.

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