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Department of Sports, Arts and Culture Budget Speech 2022/2023

Honourable Speaker and Deputy Speaker
Honourable Premier
Members of the Executive Council
Members of the Provincial Legislature
Officials from the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture
Comrades and Friends
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Molweni, Dumelang, Goeie Middag, Good Afternoon, !Gâi //gaas
Ek voel bevoorreg en dit verskaf ‘n diepe gevoel van genoegdoening om die 2022/2023 begrotingsrede vir Begrotingspos nommer 7, Departement Sport, Kuns en Kultuur, ter tafel te lê. Die totale begroting vir hierdie Departement in die huidige finasiële jaar is 404 miljoen 22 duisend Rand. Vanjaar se begrotingsrede, die derde sedert my amps-aanvaarding, vind plaas teen die agtergrond van ‘n gesondheids-pandemie, COVID 19, wat ons pragtige land en wêreld die afgelope twee jaar in haar kloue vasgevang het. Hierdie pandemie affekteer ons almal, hetsy deur geliefdes wat ons aan die dood moes afstaan, of families en gesinne wie hul werk verloor het en die skielike verandering in hoe ons sosiaal met mekaar verkeer.

Agbare Speaker, Ek vra graag ‘n oomblik van stilte uit respek vir en medelye met almal wie verliese die afgelope tyd gely het.

Agbare Speaker Ek glo dat daar vandag geskiedenis gemaak word, aangesien dit die eerste keer is dat 'n Departementele Begrotings-rede in die Namakwa Distrik gelewer word. Op hierdie noot, wil ek graag die gemeenskap van Namakwa verwelkom by die voorlegging van my derde begrotingsrede wat in unieke en geskiedkundige omstandighede gelewer word.

The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture commenced 2022 with clear directives. Honourable members, this year’s Budget Vote for Sport, Arts and Culture comes at a time when we as a nation are celebrating Youth Month. It has been 46 years since the uprising when many young people made the ultimate sacrifice, laying the foundations of the Freedom me and you enjoy today. They lost their lives while standing up against a system that sought to strip them of their identity, humanity and dignity.

They rose up against a system which envisioned them to be a perpetual source of cheap labour for the Apartheid regime and their collaborators in the form of multi-national corporations and international capital. We lower our banners in respect. We salute sacrifices of the Class of 1976. May their memories be cherished forever… their blood and sacrifices truly nourished the tree of our Freedom. Amandla!!! Awethu!!

I am delivering this budget speech under the theme “ Promoting sustainable livelihood and resilience of young people for a better tomorrow.

Youth Month takes place at a time when there is much focus around youth unemployment being at an all time high, youth restlessness, and despondency among young people becoming more prevalent. There is also the perception of society’s growing distrust in government. It is said that young people are losing faith in government interventions and programmes to improve the lives of young people. This may result in society becoming hostile to the work of government in supporting youth development. These perceptions are wrong and inaccurate.

Honourable Members, this budget vote will therefore serve as a catalyst for fostering social cohesion and addressing unemployment and poverty in the sport and cultural sectors amongst our young people.

Honourable Speaker

The Northern Cape Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture aim to develop and reform sport, arts, and culture at all levels, leveraging their socio-economic contributions to improve people's lives. Our mission is to guide the dreams of a transformed, active, creative, and winning nation, one whose pride in being South African is fuelled by the achievements of the country's sportsmen and sportswomen as well as its budding artists.

Honourable Speaker:

We pay homage and lower our flags to many a doyen and legends of the Arts and Culture fraternity and convey our sincere condolence to their families, friends and fellow artist in the sector. We bid farewell to former MEC Mxolisi Simon Sokhatsha who lost his life in a tragic motor vehicle accident as well as one of our staff members in John Taolo Gaetsewe District Mr Lesego “Zeecaro” Mokgothu who passed on this year.

We also lost a seasoned artist Mpho Mookapilo during 2021 and we acknowledge her contribution to the performing arts sector especially her passion to nurture upcoming talent and focus on school children.

Honourable Speaker for the financial year 2022 / 2023, the Cultural Affairs programme will receive an allocation of 58 million 109 thousand rand.

Our mandate is to promote social cohesion and nation building through Arts, Culture, and Heritage in our Province. We therefore envisage having a specific focus on the development of our creative sector through our arts and culture practitioners.

The creative sector presents many opportunities for artists to showcase their talent and help grow the economy of our Province. I am proud to report that during the past financial year, 2021/2022, the programme recorded the following milestones:

  • We have funded artists and structures in the creative industry to the amount of R1 million relief funding.
  • We have also successfully operationalised the Northern Cape Theatre through the prioritisation of Music Hub, Craft Hub and Film Hub. This was made possible with the assistance of the Northern Cape Arts and Culture Council (NCCAC) and we will continue to provide support to the arts community.
  • The Northern Cape Theatre has hosted 40 productions in 2021/22.
  • In the spirit of honoring artists, Mr Shane Mayongo, from Upington, must be saluted for being the only Northern Cape Artist to have won repetitive awards” at The Beautiful Things Exhibition which shines the spotlight on South Africa’s finest handmade crafts.”
  • Northern Cape rising star, So Say Miss TT, won the Premier’s Award at the 2021 Northern Cape Awards and drove off with an with AUDI A1 vehicle as the APEX Award. The awards is an annual arts recognition platform for the province brought together by the Fame Academy of South Africa and the Provincial Administration.

For this financial year, 2022/23, our Community Arts Centres Programmme has been afforded more focus and resources. We will support Community Arts Centre’s with equipment, internet access tools and programme implementation support. Furthermore, the department, through the Community Arts Centre Funded Programme, envisaged having localized arts galleries and museums creating stimulating socio- economic experiences for both the artist and tourists.

Secondly, our community Arts Centre of excellence, the Mayibuye Centre will be revitalized and will receive a financial injection to improve the existing craft shop, dance and music academies as well as the pottery studio. This department also has the mandate to organize and host our National Days. Building Social Cohesion among the communities of our beloved province is the heartbeat of the department’s business objectives; we are tasked with the important task of nation-building bringing our culturally diverse province together under one identity, that of being a South African. To ensure accessibility to the celebration of our National Days, the commemoration of national days will be circulated among all five districts. In doing so, the department shows its commitment to the implementation of the district development model. In this way, the department ensure local economic beneficiation across all five districts.

Honourable Speaker, it is an accepted fact. Cultural Festivals promote cultural diversity. It creates the platform for intercultural dialogue and they reach out to people from different backgrounds and across generations. In addition and more importantly, cultural festivals are engines for economic growth – creating and maintaining jobs in our regions and cities, and attracting visitors from across South Africa and the world.

All of this enriches our lives and allows us to enjoy a diverse range of cultural art forms. In many ways, this festival is the embodiment of South Africa – which is United in Diversity.

As we continue to create a platform for a path of cultural diversity and social cohesion, an amount of R 4 million has been allocated to support the following festivals in districts

  • The Kalahari Festival in Upington
  • The Kgalagadi Jazz Festival in Kuruman
  • The NamCufe in Pella Namaqua

I would also like to use this opportunity to encourage our communities to support these festivals. Let us come out in our numbers to support our local and national talent and contribute to maintain livelihoods in the arts sector. We call on young people to identify areas of opportunity and engage with organizers to ensure that the interests of our youth are catered for.


Honorable Speaker, There is common consensus that Language is the bearer of culture. Language is closely linked to the cultural identity of people. Our province is home to two of the few remaining Khoi languages in the country. We are compelled to ensure that the Nama, the !Xhun and Khwe languages receives all the support it requires. An internal collaboration between Language Services and Library Services will result in the establishment of Indigenous Reading Corners in our libraries. This will certainly enhance accessibility to the written indigenous language and also has the potential to recruit potential new speakers of the language.

Honourable Speaker

As a province, we welcome the recent pronouncement which now includes Sign Language as the 12th official language in our country. It is therefore incumbent on this department to put in place measures to facilitate the further development and entrenching Sign Language in services provided by government. We speed up the process of access by enhancing departmental capacity to train officials and provide translation of sign language in partnership with the PANSALB

The Department, in partnership with the Provincial Department of Education, PAN South African Language Board (PANSLAB) , ILIFA Institute and Sol Plaatje University work together for the preservation and promotion of Indigenous Languages by procuring and providing more Indigenous language materials in all the Northern Cape Libraries. The partnership will also extend to the development of the N!UU Dictionary starting in this financial year.

Honorable Speaker,

Museums play an important role in society. They are not merely spaces where one go to observe art, a historical narrative, objects of natural science, or some other curiosity. Museums are the repositories of knowledge and our collective experiences as South Africans. Although viewed by many to be representative of our divided past, museums in the Province have been active in shaping knowledge for years and are always ideologically orientated. They are fundamental in transforming society and uniting the country by the achievement of equal opportunities, of inclusion and redress; and the promotion of social cohesion. They are an institution who honour and celebrate our collective heritage by promoting our diverse cultural identities and preserve the heritage of our people.

During this month the museum will launch a temporary exhibition at the Kalahari-Oranje Museum in Upington based on rock engravings found at Biesje Poort, North West of Upington. Biesje Poort is situated in a range of hills where clusters of rock panels are decorated with rock engravings dating from the Later Stone Age.

The museum will launch the Olehile Gabriel “Whynie” Manong exhibition during heritage month. ( more information on Olehile Manong) The exhibition will include souvenirs of his personal collection accumulated during his stint as a soccer Administrator.

A total of Four Million (4 million) and Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rand only (750 000) is allocated to Museum Services for the 2022/23 financial year.


Many of us will recall the strides made by this department in changing the heritage landscape of our province. The department has, over the years, succeeded in changing the provincial heritage landscape. We are now seeing memorials commemorating our contribution to the National Liberation Struggle and statues honouring outstanding individuals for the selfless struggles. Here we think of the memorial in honour of the Upington 26 in Pabalelo, The statue of Solomon Thekisho Plaatje, the founding secretary of what we now know as the African National Congress, at the entrance to the municipality bearing his name.

We also recall the statue of Ma Frances Baard in Kimberley, in pose defiant of the authorities of the time. Indeed her spirit was not banned. The Province continues to play its role in the Resistance and Liberation Heritage Route (RLHR) project. This is a national memory project aimed at commemorating, celebrating, educating, promoting, preserving, conserving and providing a durable testament of South Africa’s road to independence.

The project draws on heritage as testimony and depiction of South Africa’s journey from the first contact with colonists to the attainment of democracy through a series of connected multi-dimensional sites at the local, provincial, national and international level. This financial year we will appoint a service provider to finalise the feasibility study of the National Heritage Liberation Route in the Northern Cape. The provincial projects included in the national memory project include the Mayibuye Uprising of 1952 Route in the Frances Baard District, the Upington 26 in ZF Mcgawu District and the Langeberg War of Resistance of 1896-1897 outside Kuruman in the John Taole Gaetsewe District.


Honourable Speaker for the financial year 2022 / 2023, the Libraries and Archives programme will receive an allocation of 193 million 765 thousand rand.

Libraries and Archives remains our biggest Programme in the Department. The bulk of the Programme’s funding is received from the Community Libraries Conditional Grant which is 168 million 855 thousand rand, where the focus is on the transfers to Municipalities to improve library services to our communities, the procurement of library materials, the provision of infrastructure and free internet services and the implementation of outreach and promotional services to promote the use of the libraries.

Honourable Speaker,

As we turn our attention to this important programme, let me take this opportunity to highlight some of the challenges that the Department has been experiencing since the beginning of the National Lockdown resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic. We have experienced unprecedented levels of vandalism and burglaries at some of our facilities. In response, the Department has come up with the Libraries Activism Awareness Campaign. This campaign is aimed at reconnecting our library services with our communities throughout the Province so as to ensure that communities make use of our services and also play an active role in preventing vandalism and break-ins at our libraries.

We launched this campaign during National Library Week in March and will continue to roll it out until we reach all parts of our Province. To date, we had very successful engagements in the John Taole Gaetsewe, Pixley Ka Seme and Namakwa Districts. Through these engagements we reached out to the communities of Tsineng, Nonzwakazi, Richmond, Phillipstown, Calvinia, Loerisfontein, Nieuwoudsville and Garies. We were able to engage with NPOs, SAPS, CPFs and other community forums in attempts to reduce vandalism of community infrastructure.

Over the next few months we will intensify this campaign as we seek to reconnect our communities with our libraries.

We will also be rolling out a similar campaign during National Archives week as we seek to connect with communities around the Archives Repository building area to adopt the facility as an integral part of their community. The campaign will focus on providing an understanding of the role of Provincial Archives as the designated center of memory for the Province and also to explore ways forging partnerships through a community vegetable garden at the Archives.


Honourable members will agree that the provision of library services has the potential to reach almost every single household in the Province. I would now like to focus on some of the achievements the Department, specifically Library and Archive Services, has registered over the last financial year.

In our last budget speech tabled before this house, we raised concerns around the fact that many Municipalities were unable to receive their transfers as per our agreements with them.

We reported to this house that eleven (11) Municipalities did not receive their transfers in the previous financial year. We are glad to announce to this house that we have seen a marked improvement in the levels of compliance and all eleven Municipalities were paid after the approved roll-overs.

Honourable Speaker, as we announced previously, the work on our Provincial Offices and Provincial Library depot is progressing well and we will be taking practical completion of the office building during this financial year

We are also pleased to announce that the first phase of the refurbishment of our Namakwa District Offices was successfully completed and we will, during this financial year, commence with the second phase of the Namakwa Offices.

We are proud to report to this house today that we have reached the milestone of two hundred (200) libraries that have been installed with public internet connectivity through wi-fi connections.

We also raise our concern in this house that there are those who are determined to deny our children and communities of these opportunities by breaking into our libraries and targeting our computers and internet equipment.

We are equally determined to counter these acts of cowardice by improving our security at libraries and using our Activism Campaign to mobilise our communities against these elements.

Honorable Speaker, we are further pleased to announce that the Department has completed the bidding process for library materials and have appointed thirty-five (35) Service Providers for the next three years to provide library materials for our libraries.

2022 / 2023 MTEF Period

Honorable Members, we will now turn our attention to the planned programmes of this Directorate for the 2022/ 2023 financial year.

Focusing on our infrastructure programme, we have set aside a total of R23 million for all of our library infrastructure projects. This includes allocations for refurbishments, routine maintenance and our new projects.

Madam Speaker, as announced by the Honorable Premier during his State of the Province Address, we will proceed with the official opening of the completed Greenpoint Community Library. We have already engaged the Sol Plaatje Municipality to lead consultations with communities to identify a name for this new facility.

We also commenced with consultations and planning for the new Galeshewe Library as was announced by the Honorable Premier, Dr. Zamani Saul. This project will also be a multi-year project and we hope to have a contractor on site towards the end of the 2022/ 2023 financial year.

Honorable members, we will also roll out the refurbishment of the Nababeep, Sternham, and Hartswater Libraries as well as intensify our maintenance and refurbishment of all our Container libraries

We have received the go-ahead from the Department of Education to convert the old Masiza Primary School to offices for our Frances Baard District Office. We have already commenced with the planning and design phase in conjunction with our implementing Agent, the Department of Roads and Public Works. This position consolidates our efforts and commitment towards District Development Model.

Turning our attention to the resourcing of our Libraries, we have set aside a total of 15 million 5 hundred thousand for the following projects:

  • The automation of our libraries which is in line with our broader objective to Modernise all of our libraries and ensure the necessary management tools to manage the books, membership and the provision of accurate statistics. We currently have 125 of our libraries that are automated.
  • We plan to procure over 40 000 new books for our libraries. This process will ensure that we respond to the plea by communities to replace some of the books as we have not been able to procure library materials for two years.
  • The procurement of furniture, computers and laptops for our libraries
  • The roll out of our digital lending service
  • The procurement of specialized stationary and cleaning materials for our libraries

Honorable Speaker , we have also set aside more than 43 million for our District and Community Library Co-ordination programme. Through this programme we will be implementing the following programmes:

  • Transfers to all of the 26 Category B Municipalities for the implementation of library and information services.
  • Transfer to the South African Library for the Blind for the implementation of our Mini Lib services aimed at the blind and visually impaired
  • The intensification of our outreach and marketing programmes that seek to contribute to our objective of promoting reading and writing throughout the Province.
  • Training programmes aimed at increasing capacity building among our officials.
  • Hosting of National Oral History Association of South Africa (OHASA) Practitioners conference in Kuruman in October 2022.

Madame Speaker, as we turn our attention to the Provincial Archive Service, we wish to announce that, in line with the directive of the Honourable Premier to develop an electronic records system for the Province, we have commenced engagements with the State Information Technology Agency (SITA)

During this year we will commence with the process of involving all Provincial Departments, Entities and Municipalities as we determine the user requirements for this massive project.

We will also be engaging with Provincial Treasury as we seek to develop a long-term roll-out plan for this project. The Provincial Archives Repository will continue engagements with Provincial Departments and Municipalities to transfer their A 20 records to the Archives Repository so as to ensure that we secure our collective memory for many generations to come.

Honourable Speaker for the financial year 2022 / 2023, the Sport and Recreation programme will receive an allocation of 57 million 344 thousand rand

History has repeatedly demonstrated that sport has the capacity to bring people from all walks of life together. "Sport can create hope where there was only despair," said the late great Nelson Mandela. In breaking down ethnic boundaries, it has more influence than governments. It laughs in the face of all kinds of prejudice."

We all feel a sense of belonging via sport, regardless of our cultural backgrounds, mother tongues, or political affiliation. By supporting one team, singing one national anthem, and flying one flag, we are all South Africans.

Honorable Speaker, Sport and Recreation has been shown time and again its strategic role towards the social inclusion of our varied people. Participation in sport and recreational activities therefore has a holistic effect in our communities. Involvement in sport and recreation has a positive impact on social development, health, education, human and social capital.


The sector wishes to acknowledge the achievements in the following disciplines:

  • Nthabiseng Mjiya Of Richmond Ladies Football club for being selected for Banyana Banyana , as well as becoming Young player of the season and winning a trip to Brentford in United Kingdom where spent time with Brentford Football Club in the Premier league
  • Ponatshego Mohlabi from Warrenton for been selected to the South African Under 17 ladies Soccer Team
  • We would furthermore like to congratulate the Northern Cape Heats Provincial Cricket team for been crowned champions of the 2021 / 2022 Cricket South Africa Four Day Series Division 2
  • Onkarabetse Doctor Bietjies for his Journey at Malaga-Spain attending trials for possible signing.

Honourable Speaker, Let me join the multitudes of community members of the Northern Cape, and more specifically those from the Tsantsabane Municipal in celebrating the spirited and inspiring performance of Hungry Lions who have due to their performances, retained their Glad Africa Status.

We provided financial support to Hungry Lions to the value of R850 thousand in the 2021/2022 financial year as well as R350 thousand to Richmond Ladies and R150 thousand Royal Wizards Football Teams.

We successfully hosted the National Males Netball Championships which created a platform for 444 Athletes to participate in the first of its kind tournament. This tournament contributed to the economy of the Northern Cape as athletes from all 9 Provinces participated in the Tournament. As a department we contributed R 500 thousand to the hosting of the tournament.

The Department will step up its efforts to bring back the glory days of school sport programs, when school derbies would draw the entire community together to watch sports, regardless of gender. We pledge to provide schools with sport equipment for participation in school leagues and District Tournaments. We are guided by the Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Education to roll out the implementation of sports in schools.

Learners will be given opportunities to compete in district, regional, and national championships in the autumn, winter, and summer games in order to develop provincial potential. Honourable Speaker, , the Northern Cape will redouble its efforts to restore its due status as a producer of national and international-level athletes in a variety of sports.

A total of 10 million rand has been allocated to the school athletic program.
When it comes to WOMEN IN SPORT, the agenda of women emancipation is a matter close to my heart as we remain committed towards advancing Gender and Women empowerment in and through Sport Development.

The empowerment of women is about redressing the legacy of colonialism, apartheid and about the transformation of society, particularly the transformation of power relations between women and men. It is also about gender oppression and creating a conducive environment which enables women to take control of their lives.

As a measure of addressing the empowerment of women in sport, the department will provide financial assistance to the following sport federation for the development of women in their respective sporting codes namely:
Griqualand West Rugby Union
Northern Cape Cricket Union
Northern Cape Netball
Northern Cape SAFA

In the Northern Cape, the Community Mass Participation Programme is the cornerstone of community sport. The basic goals and objectives are to ensure that as many South Africans as possible have access to sport and recreation, particularly those from historically disadvantaged communities.

The Community Mass Participation delivers mass participation programmes such as the Recreation Games, Indigenous Games, Big Walk, National Recreation Day, and Move for Health to communities.


Through this programme, the department intends to address the problem of gender-based violence primarily through awareness-raising activations at large-scale sport and cultural affairs events.. There has been discussion on using sports legends, athletes, and practitioners as anti-gender-based violence ambassadors to spread the message. These advocates or ambassadors will assist in increasing awareness about how to diagnose GBV (in all of its manifestations) and how to respond to it in its early phases

The department of Sport, Arts and Culture in collaboration with the department of Education and Love life will ensure implementation of Youth Camp in December 2022. The Youth Camp program is an important program that ensures social cohesion and nation building.

Key amongst its objectives are the following:

  • To promote social cohesion ,nation building and national identity among South Africans using sport and recreation as a catalyst
  • Addressing challenges of eliminating poverty , unemployment , illiteracy and other symptoms of under development
  • Eliminate racism , xenophobia , sexism and other aspects of intolerance
  • Empower youth to make an active contribution towards sustainable economic environment through community projects

An amount of 3 million has been allocated for the successful implementation of the Youth Camp

Rural Sport games create opportunities for participation of athletes in indigenous games in rural areas. This is aimed at following a close participation with the House of Tradiional Leadership on the Province in providing direct responses towards Youth apathy and despondency in our communities.

An allocation of 1.5 million is budgeted to ensure implementation of the rural and indigenous games.


The Province will continue to participate in the National Schools Championships that will contribute to the economy of the Province. The department of Sport Arts and Culture will also continue marketing and promoting the World Netball Cup 2023

A successful 2023 Netball World Cup will allow us to continue our primary mission of fostering social harmony and fulfilling the aspirations of those we serve, including artists, cultural practitioners, and athletes. While the Northern Cape will not host any official games at this World Spectacle, we hope to benefit from its legacy projects that will assist the province's netball development programme.

We will be officially launching the Netball World Cup Legacy Project and Netball Friday’s campaign in the province. The Netball Friday’s initiative aims to inspire locals to dress up in their sports gear every Friday to celebrate the coming of the international netball spectacular, which will be held for the first time in Africa. We'll also be involving schools and sporting stars as part of the build-up to help promote netball in our province.

It gives me great pleasure to present 9 Million 894 thousand to the Northern Cape Sport and Recreation Authority

The Northern Cape Sport and Recreation Authority, as the custodian of Sport and Recreation Bodies in the province, enable its institutions to carry out their mandate by promoting and growing sporting organizations in the Northern Cape. This budget provision encourages more people to participate in sport, fosters social inclusion, and encourages people to live healthier lifestyles. It will help the Authority perform its duties which is to:

  • Promote community and amateur sport
  • Promote elite sport and recreation
  • Assist with the development of school sport
  • Provide support for the eradication of main stream gender based discrimination and disability in sport
  • Engage in capacity building in the field of sport and recreation

I am confident that the Northern Cape Sport and Recreation Authority will continue to foster and develop athletes from grassroots to elite levels, allowing them to compete on national and international stages, using the funding made available to you today. The same sportspersons will serve as role models and beacons of hope in their communities, contributing considerably to the general upliftment of our most vulnerable populations.

The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture will continue to strengthen relations with COGHSTA and SALGA and play an oversight role in ensuring that MIG funding projects are utilized for its intended purposes.

Speaker, the nature of our mandate requires a solid foundation of infrastructure in terms of sport facilities, Through the Municipal Infrastructure Grant the Department will be able to implement the following sport capital projects of such moving forward.

Infrastructure projects earmarked for 2022 / 2023 are the

  • Magareng Municipality-R6.6 million for the second phase of Ikhutseng Warrenton
  • Emthanjeni- R9.5 million for upgrade of Nonzwakwazi De Aar
  • Umsobomvu Municipality- R9.5 million for construction of Kuyasa- Colesburg
  • Kareeberg Municipality- R11 million for upgrades to Carnarvon Sport Facility
  • Karoo Hoogland- R8 million for upgrade to Williston Sport Facility

Honourable Speaker:
Please allow me to present to you the budget Vote 7 for Sport, Arts and Culture 2022/23

The budget for the 2022/ 2023 financial year of the Department totals an amount of 404 million and 22 thousand allocated as follows:
Administration                      94 Million 804 thousand
Cultural Affairs                     58 Million 109 thousand
Library and Archive Services 193 Million 765 thousand
Sport and Recreation            57 Million and 344 thousand

In conclusion may I take this opportunity to thank the African National Congress and the Premier of the Northern Cape Dr. Zamani Saul for entrusting me, in leading the Northern Cape Department of Sport, Arts and Culture. I would also like to convey my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my fellow Members of Executive Council, the Portfolio Committee for Education Sport, Arts and Culture, Head of Department, Head of Ministry and staff of DSAC, Staff of all DSAC entities and their Boards, The Internal Audit team, Auditor General, Audit Committee and especially to my family , my husband James and my daughters Jamey and Leola for their support and dedication as without you my task over the past two years would have been much more difficult.

I thank you!
Baie dankie!
Ke a leboga!
Enkosi !
Ghan ghan!

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