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The current programme of government is being introduced under difficult economic conditions. Countries throughout the world are being affected by the slowdown in the global economy. While South Africa has not been as badly affected as other countries, we are in a recession. It is now more important than ever that we work together to respond to this crisis.
Government has identified 10 priority areas, from now to 2014.
These are to:

  • speed up economic growth and transform the economy to create decent work and sustainable livelihoods
  • introduce a massive programme to build economic and social infrastructure
  • develop and implement a comprehensive rural development strategy linked to land and agrarreform and food security
  • strengthen the skills and human resource base
  • improve the health profile of all South Africans
  • intensify the fight against crime and corruption
  • build cohesive, caring and sustainable communities
  • pursue African advancement and enhanced international cooperation
  • ensure sustainable resource management and use
  • build a developmental state, improve public services
  • and strengthen democratic institutions.

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